Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Saturday brought the excitement and nervousness of my first ever swim meet.  The forecast was for cool but sunny conditions – we got lucky that it turned out a little warmer than expected. 


Melissa completely rocked her heat in the 1000 free.


My old Campbell masters crew


After what felt like all morning waiting around, the longer distance events were wrapping up and I started to warm up.


First up was the 50 free novice.  I wore Kate O’s cupcake suit.


It was my first time diving off the blocks!


And it didn’t look very pretty.  My masters lanemate Heidi, in the adjoining lane and also doing her first masters meet, was much better at it!


With the Campbell swimmers after our 50 free heats


Heidi and I celebrate our first swim ribbons!


After that was the 50 back novice and the 100 free.  I’m not quite sure why I entered the back, other than it was a novice event.  I’m not a very fast backstroker.


The 100 free was easily my happiest moment of the day, as I managed a 7 second PR in the 100 yard distance, as well as broke what has been an unbreakable time barrier for me.  And I did it without flip turns, which means I can still get it faster!

In the end, I wound up with a 3rd place W30-34 in the 50 free novice, 1st place W30-34 in the 50 back novice and 1st place W30-34 in the 100 free.


It was definitely a different experience doing a swim meet.  People of every imaginable age were there competing and all so supportive and welcoming.  I saw people have to be helped up on the blocks with their canes, then dive on in and swim gracefully.  I felt so honored that my masters coach skipped the big childrens swim meet that was going down this weekend (my brothers and sisters were competing at it) to support his adult swimmers at this event.

As a followup on my first TRX workout, I didn’t experience any life-changing soreness but I definitely felt the work I had done in several spots, especially triceps and chest.  My entire core was on the tender side for a few days – doing a situp to get out of bed did elicit a grunt or two.  This will be so good for me!!!!

Training totals for March 8-14:
Swim: 5350 yards
Bike: 53.7 miles
Run: 12.0 miles
Strength: 1/2 hour
Total time: 9 hours


Kevin said...

Great job. Had lots of fun on the swim team in HS. I miss the excitement of swim meets

Stef0115 said...

Molly this is absolutely AWESOME! Congratulations!!

D said...

Thank you for confirming that I'm not the only left NOT doing flip turns. I refuse. There are no walls in Ironman!

My Life said...

Congrats on your first swim meet (& ribbons!). Love the suit.

Rainmaker said...

The Girl officially really likes your cupcake swimsuit.

Congrats on the swim meet though - that's pretty cool!

Maggs said...

Nice job at the meet. But you gotta learn flip turns....allows you to swim with faster people and then get even faster.

San said...

Well done. Congrats on the wins.

Lovely post and thanks for your support.

ADC said...

Yay. Great job, Molly. It's amazing whn a barrier is broken - you feel like you can do anything. And I am sure you can.

Maria said...

Well look at you miss thang rocking out in the pool! Congrats on your wins! What an awesome first experience to have!

Elayne said...

Wow, you're brave to dive off those blocks (and to enter a swim meet). I'd be terrified, especially of having an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

I don't do flip turns either, one of these days I'll learn.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congratulations, Molly!!!

I don't think I could ever dive off one of those blocks. They scare the hell out of me and are perhaps the biggest thing stopping me from doing a swim meet.

And you've got to start posting those awesome swim times of yours. You keep saying you're slow but I doubt you are winning all those ribbons. You're an inspiration!

Wes said...

MOLLY! You are a studdette! Nice job!!! and ummmm, yea, work on those dives off the block. Just in case you ever go to ITU worlds or something :-)

Melissa said...

Go Molly! I'm so excited you did a swim meet. And BTW, your hand entry and streamline position in that pic of you diving off the block is very good!

Love the swim suit too :-)

cat. said...

congratulations! what an awesome achievement!!

Beth said...

Nice!! Glad your swim meet was such a success! :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! How awesome, you did so well. Congrats!

GoBigGreen said...

Good job! I love swim meets and i am so jealous you are outside:)!
As for the TRX it is so much fun. I kinda like having someone tell me what to do otherwise i am afraid i will just sit and look at it and not use it!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, congrats on your swim meet! Look at all your ribbons! Nice job.

Jennifer Harrison said...

LMM!! CONGRATS! WOW, you are really a great role model for MANY who will NOT swim in meets...I beg borrow and steal to try to get people to do meets...but many will not! GOOD FOR YOU!

Congrats on your ribbons and PR!

And, I think I am VERY jealous. I was at a swim meet this weekend too but in a dark, dingy indoor pool. We have NEVER done an outdoor pool as adults. BOO! :))