Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slowest. Week. Ever.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday!  Busy Mondays mean feeling like a whole week’s work has been done by the end of one day. *sigh*

We celebrated Max Day with birthday cookies


and agility class in the rain (we were the only ones who showed up, so it was a private lesson!)


and of course a niblet of cake, topped with a string cheese candle.




Of course, any exciting day has to end.  Max felt that, being wet and muddy, Jeff’s pillow was the best place to begin his recovery.


I’m already a swim, bike and a run into this week.  Not only am I pleased to feel stronger in my few outdoor rides lately, I am actually looking forward to crushing each bike trainer workout that Coach gives me.  I KNOW it will hurt and I will have to push, but I know I CAN hit the watts she gives me.  It makes the training very exciting right now!  Tomorrow, another tough workout on the trainer and my debut using the TRX!!!


Maggs said...

I agree it's the slowest week ever. Ugh.

ADC said...

Let me know how the TRX session goes. I am getting one for my birthday :)))

Kathleen said...

Slow week indeed!
I love the bed pic!

Maria said...

Love the dog pictures, Cujo looks so excited to be at the birthday party!

Jennifer Harrison said...

This week is one of those weeks where I keep thinking the day is 1 ahead. So yesterday I thought was WED ALL DAY! Eeks. unlike you, there are not much differences in my weekdays versus weekends..except for Jerome/kids are home..but I do LOVE the weekends of course!

Happy birthday to Max! (I hope it was Max, I can not remember now that I am typing!) eeks

GoBigGreen said...

I love the dog's cake and cheese toppings to their dinner! Adoreable. My sunday night started the week with a death in the family so i hear ya on that, it felt like friday on monday morning at 6am.
Good luck with the TRX, hope you dont mind sleeping on one side and not flip turning for a few days.
WOHAHAHAHA. IT gets better.

Wes said...

I hide my pillow when I leave for work, JUST FOR THAT REASON :-)

Liz Waterstraat said...

You guys need a king-sized bed! Love the enthusiasm about the watts I'm giving you!