Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wouldn’t Want You To Miss Me

Before I go on to the bigger highlight of the weekend, let me mention that my boys went to the groomer on Friday.  I loooooove when they get groomed – they are so clean and handsome! Now that the rains seem to be past, we’ll see how long I can sustain this.


This morning, it was another family affair at the Benicia Run for Education.  My mother and sister Cai (both who did their first run race last month) were doing their first 5K and my brother Jack was going to run the Kids’ 1-Miler.  My sister Grace came along to take photos for us.

Warmed up and ready for the 5K!  I went for nice bright colors so that my family members could always find me in a crowd. :)


The course was far hillier than advertised (or than was evident from the elevation map) – there were many short steep rollers!  I stuck with my race plan and pushed as best I could, even when I felt like I was completely running out of gas at the finish line.


It still wound up being a PR by a minute and thirty-five seconds and good enough for an age group placement.  I was also in the top 10 women (7th, to be precise) out of 230+ women.  Sweet!

Cai rocked her first 5K with a great time for a new runner


and my mom beat her goal time even with all those hills! I am super proud of both of them.


I love this one of my brother in the kids race.  I love how the young ones all just go out hard, with no worry for pacing or pain.


Dragging only half of my family out results in quite a crowd :)


My friend Meredith also raced, her first time out since being ill – she looked great!


Post-race “ice bath” in the San Francisco Bay was followed immediately by compression socks


with which I completely dorked up my first podium picture ever!


Next week brings a rest week for me before a big build to my first tris of the year.  Also some travel is on the horizon for the boys and me!

Training totals for March 15-21:
Swim: 8950 yards
Bike: 43.6 miles
Run: 15.8 miles
Strength: 50 mins of TRX
Total time: 10.7 hours


jennabul said...

Great job, love the PR, the outfit, the ice bath and the compression socks. Awesome. Vineman Showdown, here we come!

Liz Waterstraat said...

Another PR! YOU are on fire :)

San said...

Hooray on a lovely weekend and the PRs of you and your family.

Stan and Max look cute.

Fantastic post.

cheryl said...

PR!! awesome also that so many in your family ran too!

GoBigGreen said...

Nice shorts.. I have them in blue :) you just keep getting faster! Nice!

Jennifer Harrison said...

ANOTHER PR is right! Rocking it, LMM! Congrats to you and your sis and friend and mom! LOVE the lulu stuff!!!

Maria said...

Congrats on the PR and the podium finish! I think its great that you're family is racing with you, that would be so much fun!
Love the nerd look!

Meera said...

Congrats on the PR! I love the sock look - super cute :)

Kim said...

You are knocking the shit out of these races! congratulations on yet another PR. you are awesome!!

Wes said...

Compression sox are sexy. You should wear them to bed for Jeff :) Congrats to half the family! and you too of course McSpeedy!

Runner Leana said...

Congratulations to you and your family on the race this weekend. You look so the shorts! I may have a pair of those too... Way to go on the PR and the AG award!

Kris said...

Smokin'! Nice job on the PR! And so cool that your family is racing too.

I can't believe Vineman Showdown is only a few weeks away!

Sherry said...

Yay, Molly! Congrats on the new PR! Love those shorts!

ShirleyPerly said...

What a fun day with family! Congrats to everyone and especially you on your 5K performance. 1:35 is a freaking HUGE improvement!!

Melissa said...

Great job on the PR and podium Molly! Your family is so darn cute :-)

Rainmaker said...

Damn, a PR and a podium. The double-P's!


Beth said...

Woo-hoo! Big PR! Congrats Molly!

Clarese said...

You look super cute in your first podium picture. Congratulations!

Charisa said...

Congrats on your PR!! How awesome! Love that ice bath picture too :)

Anonymous said...


Bob Mitera said...

Great run! You have the right coach in ELF!

NO podium picture is ever dorked up if (insert your name here) is there. Podium is the podium.

NICE, makes me smile to see friends doing well.