Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lighthouse Century (100K)

3 weeks to race day.  *gulp*

Jeff and I drove down to San Luis Obispo last night to ride the Lighthouse Century.  This little event sells out, fast.  As in, within the first hour it went up for sale.  I was sitting at the computer on that day back in June, all ready to sign up.  Jeff was out riding.  Guess who was only finally able to buy a slot from someone who couldn’t make it just last week?

So anyway, we drive the 3 hours down (which ended up more like 3.5 due to an accident on Hwy 101), we check in, we wander downtown SLO and find some dinner, and we settle in for the night at Motel 6.  When I was booking hotels last month, Jeff suggested I just go with the cheapest.  You get what you pay for.  I don’t mind Motel 6 when I’m traveling with the dogs, but it does come up lacking when it comes to relaxing as a couple the night before the event.  Crammed in the room like sardines, nearly nonexistent wireless access, too soft pillows, uncomfortable mattress, and a duel over the level at which the air conditioner should run…good times.

When 6am came around and I couldn’t pretend to sleep anymore, I figured it was time for us to get going.  We were in the Cuesta College parking lot with the masses before dawn.


You’d think taking the dog crates out would give more room but we had to haul a lot of crap with us for this ride.


And at 7am, when everyone else seemed to be hitting the road, we were on our way!


In general, this was a REALLY nice ride.  Fantastic smooth roads, friendly volunteers, great scenery and beautiful weather.


There were a couple stretches of headwind and crosswind that nearly threw me into a bad mood but I knew if I could *just* get around the bend in the course I’d be OK.  The route alternated between right on the coast and inland, and the temperature gradient was amazing.  One minute it would be in the 90s, the next you’d have a cool ocean breeze that smelled of salt and seaweed.


Once we veered back inland for the final miles, the temperature just kept climbing – it was 105 back at the car!

I guess because we regularly ride this kind of distance with minimal stoppage, and because it was a training day rather than a casual cruise, we pushed a little harder and stopped a little less than other riders.  Jeff and I were the first riders back from the 100K!  Sadly, that meant that no one was ready with water or the promised BBQ.  Even at 11:45 after my run, there was no sign of the 12:00 BBQ being started.  So I said screw it and we hit the road for home and a stop for fast food along the way.  Oooooooooooooooh salt and fat, my 2 favorite food groups.

And thus concludes “rest” week (it really was, other than this ride).  Next up is peak week, in more ways than one – the next few weeks of my life are going to be, literally, quite crazy.  Hang on for the ride!


Sherry said...

Love the pink arm warmers. Glad you had a nice ride.

3 weeks!!! :-)

Meredith said...

Beautiful pictures looks like it was a great ride, sorry no BBQ though... I guess that's what you get for being overachievers :)

Wes said...

Love the pic! IRON Molly! :-)

Oooooooooooooooh salt and fat, my 2 favorite food groups.

lmao... this is so true....

jennabul said...

Awesome job on finishing that 100k first. I like it! And yes, it was crazy hot on Saturday...and today as well. I guess *someone* was listening to your pleas, it just took a while.

Maria said...

Glad the ride went well, it looks beautiful! Stellar work, the first done!!

Rainmaker said...

That list photo along the coast is the scenery.