Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thoughts From The Off-Season

  • I am getting a lot of sleep this week.  Like 9-10 hours per night. 
  • I’ve been surprised at how quickly my appetite has fallen off with not training.  Usually I have to take the steps to cut back because I’m not working out anymore.
  • I’ve had a few drinks here and there but really nothing too wild and crazy for off-season eating thus far.  I had frozen yogurt at lunch today, for the first time in weeks, and it didn’t feel as exciting as it always did after long rides.  It almost feels like my body just isn’t up for partying our way through all the junk food groups. 
  • I went to a concert last night, for the first time in years.  How do people do this on a regular basis?  Little did I know when I bought the tickets that The Warfield in San Francisco is standing room only on the ground floor, so I was spent 4+ hours on my feet.  One opening act played at 8pm, the next around 9:00.  The main attraction, Mumford & Sons, came on stage after 10pm.  Thankfully, they are AMAZING in concert and I felt wonderful from the moment they started till they finished (though that might be attributable to the mass quantities of marijuana in the air).  But we still weren’t on the road home till midnight!
  • I am trying to finalize my 2011 schedule but it’s hard when some race directors don’t have their schedules up for next year yet.  There is a rumored race I am considering but I want to see details first!

One last visit to race day before we move forward…

This was really cool – Texas state guardsmen parachuted in for the anthem with a flag


Pro start


1 leg down, and still feeling positive (and muddy)


Trying not to pass out after running up the hill from the water


It hurt worse than it looks


Can you tell I was happy to be DONE with that day?



San said...

yeah, definitely looks like you're happy in the last pic.

Glad you're enjoying your off season and already planning next season.

Have a great weekend.

D said...

The finish picture is HILARIOUS! :D Looove the pro swim pic though. Beautiful.

I can't believe you're already working on 2011. I'm barely finished working on my 2010 schedule lol

Wes said...

great pics. I love the look of relief crossing the finish line. I've had a few of those myself, ya know!

Maggs said...

That's kinda cool that it finishes inside. Enjoy the off season. I suggest Honu in June. I'll be there cheering.