Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Ticking…

I’m still recovering from race day.  Physically I feel fine, but it’s nice to not have to give up those mornings of sleeping in yet.  And I’m still falling asleep before 10pm.  My legs were achy yesterday – kind of like growing pains when I was young – I think they are starting to complain about lack of activity!

The beardies and I went to a local agility trial over the weekend.  It’s a 4-day AKC trial but I couldn’t take Friday and Monday off work after taking time off for the National just a few weeks ago.  Despite getting rained on – and in particular getting drenched in heavy downpour and high winds Sunday – the boys did great!  Stan is really maturing in the ring suddenly and starting to run fast and clean for me.  On Sunday morning, he finished his Open Jumpers title.  Uh oh.  Moving Stanley up to Excellent, where no mistakes are allowed? That will be funny.

The 2011 schedule continues to sit on hold while I wait for race directors to post information.

I need more frozen yogurt.

1 week till vacation.


Elayne said...

There is something unusual about falling asleep before 10:00 p.m.? I'm lucky if I see 9:30 and I'm not recovering from anything.

Charisa said...

Sleeping is so fun :)

Maggs said...

So what races are you waiting on?

D said...

I might be awake til 8pm on a good night, but that's just my awesome life now lol.

Going on vacation + returning to training: does not compute.