Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 Week Down In Operation Big Girl Pants

The wheels haven’t fallen off the bus yet!  2 weeks to go in this build and I’m just staying focused on eating right, sleeping well, and recovering strong.

Saturday was my first ride outdoors with the new bike configuration.  WOW.  This is where I really noticed the difference that all the changes had made.  Since everyone always says TT bikes are uncomfortable to ride, I just assumed that what I felt on my bike was normal.  Yesterday, it felt like I was riding a cruiser, it was so comfy!!!!  I have never spent so many miles in aero ever and it felt great!

After a week of nice weather, it was very chilly out though – Jeff and Nigel were smart and bundled up, and I kept my fleece on that I had worn down to the ride start.  We did a lovely little country route around farms and cow pastures with very few stop signs or lights – it was great to just ride for so long without interruption!




After the ride I stopped by the bike shop to share my thoughts on how it had felt and plunk down some $ for additional changes to my setup.  Hopefully I will be able to share that when it’s finalized in a few weeks.

I wrapped up the workout week today with a nice long run.  Apparently January 30th is when we pay for 4 weeks of no rain by getting stormed on.  But I love running in the rain so it’s all good!

Due to a major drainage grate between the street and the creek, I ended up in ankle-deep water about a minute into my run.


After that it was smooth sailing on the mostly-quiet path along the Los Gatos Creek, a major outlet for water from the Santa Cruz Mountains to San Francisco Bay.



Can’t even see the mountains ahead due to the storm clouds (hard to tell it’s pouring in most of these photos)



So for now, it’s just feet-up and enjoying the NHL All Star Game for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, the work begins again!


D said...

You really are my favorite American.

Lora Abernathy said...

Glad to hear the first ride out after the fit went so well.

Unknown said...

Great week, awesome pics. Good luck with week 2.

Anonymous said...

i take offense to what D said.. hehe :) YAY for new bike!! I rode today and I am in loovvveeeee... still need to find the right saddle though. blah

Meredith said...

Hmm, guess I shouldn't have complained yesterday about running in the cold, Yikes, did that mean you had wet feet for your entire run???

GoBigGreen said...

OH I love seeing green grass Molly. Good job, keep those pants on:)

Running and living said...

My bike is super comfortable while in aero, but v uncomfortable while not in aero. I do all my training in aero for this reason.
Love the pics. Enjoy the weather, even the rain, it is way better than the snow:)

Jennifer Harrison said...

I agree with Julia - I just like the pictures with green grass! WAY TO work hard, LMM!

Michelle Simmons said...

I got dumped on while running today too! Glad your new bike fit feels so good. I don't think TT bikes have to be uncomfortable at all. :)