Friday, January 28, 2011

Deja Vu

Something seems familiar lately.

The 8pm bedtimes (I actually asked out loud if it was OK to go to bed at 6:45 yesterday).

The insatiable appetite.

Multiple showers per day.

Spare time spent mapping bike routes and checking weather forecasts.

It’s an Ironman year alright.  And to think, it’s only January…


Andrew Opala said...

How is your core strength?

Please join our 2-minute Burpee contest: here

Anonymous said...

That's why I suspect it will be a while before I tackle an IM! Training for a HIM is already requiring quite a bit of adaptation from my former life :-) At least it has the insatiable appetite thing going for it!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if my comment went through...

HOLY Heck on the multiple showers!! I took three on Thursday if you could the one on the pool deck!!