Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keep On Keepin’ On

Life and training continue on as usual here.  Last night the beardies had their first agility class in 6 weeks – finally not rained out!  My at-home practice with Stanley (see video below) is clearly paying off as he was much more focused and drivey, and he made all his weave pole entrances!  Max was wonderful as always in class – I’m working his contacts closer to the way I taught Stanley and it’s a noticable difference of driving to the contact zone instead of his old hesitation.  We finished his class up with a sort of relay race that was hilarious!

I wrapped up a big 3 week training build on Sunday with a swim and a hilly run, then kicked off rest week on Monday with another swim (500s – ooooh boy).  I suppose it was no wonder then that I spent the rest of the day with deep aches in my arms.  Somehow I never really feel the burden of all the training – other than of course tired muscles – until rest week, then it hits me all at once! 

Yesterday I loaded myself up with Advil and chocolate as painkillers for a deep tissue massage.  My massage therapist spent a lot more time on my arms, back and shoulders than usual but they felt wooooonderful when she was done.  Even better, the compression calf sleeves I’ve been wearing when biking and running for the last month are clearly working because my calves were significantly less tight and problematic (read: painful to release) than my December visit.  *deep sigh of relief* 

The exciting workout today was a new strength routine.  I have been working so hard on the strength training this year because I know how much it pays off later.  Every time Coach gives me a new routine, I love it.  I get to see where I’m already strong and where I am weak I’m going to get stronger.  The core work showed me that I’m doing well but can do even more, like start pushing to hold my planks longer! 

Tomorrow marks 10 months till IM AZ – so much time and yet I remember from last time how fast it flies by.  It’ll be here before we know it!


mtanner said...

I saw the ticker at the top of your blog and can't believe tomorrow is 10 months til IMAZ?
It will go by sooooo fast.
Keep on keeping on!

Michelle Simmons said...

That's interesting about the calf sleeves... I may have to give those a try!

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Love it Molly! Interesting with the calf sleeves for sure. What brand are you wearing?

I was just talking to a friend of mine today about my IM in December.. he said, "oh, you can train with the people training for IMAZ." Now I gauge how far off my IM is based on all the IMAZers. :)

ADC said...

You are going to have an awesome year Molly. You are STRONG!!!