Monday, May 9, 2011

A Fun Weekend In AZ

I know, I know, it’s not a race report yet.  I’m waiting for the official photos.  But it was fun and I finished with a smile on my face so that’s the important part!

I utilized the DC Rainmaker bike insulation method to ensure that my new steed was well protected for its foray into TSA inspection-land.


It reassembled beautifully on the other end and my aunt and I dropped our pretty Specialized bikes off at transition Friday night in the high-90s heat.



We had our pre-race dinner at Caffe Boa in Tempe, just a few blocks from the race site – delicious!  As we waited (with my younger cousin) for my (other) cousin and her boyfriend to arrive, we ordered an appetizer to tide us over.  This picture was taken just before we all hoovered it at top speed to avoid having to share with the remainder of our party when they showed up :)


The meal would have been enhanced by a few drinks but we were good athletes and abstained – we made up for it the next night after the race with lemon drops!


My totally cute cousins


Other things that may or may not have occurred that night include:

  • The conquering of one massive B(acon)L(ettuce)A(vocado)T(omato) sandwich!
  • Spillage of my 2nd lemon drop all over the table.  I hate those top-heavy martini glasses
  • An intention to utilize the bushes alongside the Scottsdale canal…until some creepy people came walking by and instead I sprinted across the Yogurtland parking lot in heels…all while my family was sitting in Yogurtland snickering because there were public restrooms inside

I flew home early the morning after the race and I’m still trying to catch up a bit.  I promise I’ll get the RR up as soon as the photos are posted!


Christi said...

Great highlights but I can't wait for the race report!

Unknown said...

now thats some fun pre race fuel! haha.

Chris and San said...

Hey, looks like you've had a fun and fine time there. Just as it should be.

Enjoy the "resting".

Sherry said...

Thanks for all of those food temptations! :-) Looking forward to your race recap.

Wes said...

hoovered... hahahaha! looks delish and healthy though...

did you PR that dash across the parking lot? :-)

Unknown said...

Awwww... looks like fun! Can't wait to read the RR!