Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mood Lifters

For whatever reason, this week has just been a total downer for me.  Maybe it’s hockey (grrrr), maybe it’s returning to less than hot weather after Arizona, maybe it’s just that lull that comes after a race and before training gets hard again.  All I know is every day has seemed more heavy and bleak than the last and I haven’t quite been able to snap myself out of it.  I cut back heavily on Facebook posts because I found myself, more often than not, poised to say something not very nice. 

With that in mind, today’s workout was a welcome lift to my mood – a ride outside, not too long but enough to get out to the pretty areas away from town and just tackle hills and wind and the neverending quest to keep up with my husband.



Riding hills "with" Jeff tends to look something like this :) Good thing he let me draft off him on the way home.


And just like that, much improved spirits!  Thank goodness for the wonderful endorphins that training brings for helping work out the ickier moments in our lives.


Stef0115 said...

Can so relate to this. I often felt this way after races and during rest weeks when I was training for long course.

Had noticed your FB cutback to. Hey whatever you've gotta do!

sallyaston said...

Yay for exercise endorphins!
I looked for you and your colorful race kit on saturday but didn't see you. :-(

Aimee said...

Happy exercise endorphins are the best!

Melissa said...

Very beautiful riding! I hope this week picks up for you <3

San said...

Ahh, Molly, everyone has days like this. And everyone has something else to lift the mood.

After two weeks, I'm back in the saddle too. My right hand is healing up fine, though I still have to be cautious of how I grip the handle bar. Give it another week and I'm back to normal.

Unknown said...

wow, i need to come train with you. Beautiful! that would definitely help my mood!

Christi said...

I am feeling your mood because I am feeling the same way this week. Of course, our weather is snow and rain this week after having an 80 degree gorgeous day on Sunday. Gotta love the drastic weather changes in Colorado, not!

I am glad that you had a great outdoor ride. They certainly do bring cheer to a person.

I hope your week gets better!

Wes said...

are we talking about you? or The Sharks? What kind of real hockey team lets the opposing team back in the series being up 3-0? You need to do soometing about this crap!! :-)

beardies3 said...

I must need endorphins desperately! I have to bite my tongue every day...some days I don't bite it hard enough. Glad you found a fix for today. :-)

Mary M said...

Another one! I'm still holding the theory that it is some what seasonal. We've been doing so much training and haven't hit the A races yet.