Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It’s Bright and Yellow and Hovering in the Sky

*blink*blink*  It’s been days since we saw it but…I think…it’s the sun?


Too bad it didn’t peep out from the clouds until after my drizzly masters swim and slogfest of an easy hour run.

While rainy cold cruddy days aren’t much fun for training, they are good for snuggling up inside with fuzzy slippers and the heat on (OMG, did I actually turn the heat on in MAY? Yes.).

Max napped on Jeff’s lap in my office the other day, until I mentioned the word dinner and he bolted for the kitchen.


Stanley has the snuggling up thing down pat and even arranges his bedding to his own specifications.


This week is going a long way towards beating up my legs well.  I hadn’t expected my bike/run brick on Tuesday to leave my legs complaining the way it did, but I got right on top of that with compression tights and Recovery e21.  They bounced back today until I crushed them again with a masters swim workout that included 900 yards of IM and 500 yards of kicking.  Hence my very tired legs for the run.  But it got done and some days that’s the best you can hope for :)

I hope the re-emergence of the sun means I can return to riding outside tomorrow.  If you watched any of the Tour of California today, then you got to see my home town hills!  Everything looked so nice on TV, I can’t wait to get out there and experience it on my own again!


Anonymous said...

I've had my space heater on EVERY DAY for the past couple days... in May!! What is up with that? I'm in for a rude awakening in Hawaii in a couple weeks :-)

San said...

Your dogs are just too cute. Love those pictures.

How can you not have seen the sun in days? I thought you live in California. Wasn't there also a song about how it never rains in california?

Hurting legs? Same here, but I don't know from what. It certainly isn't from running. Leaves me puzzled.

I wish you a wonderful rest of the week, with tons of sunshine.

Kim said...

i cant tell you how much i am hating on this new england May right now. 50 and raining. every day. i hate it. im with you - i just want the sun and i want to ride outdoors!

Bobbie said...

You should talk to your NFLD hockey friends about the sun. I remember one spring in high school St. John's broke the record for X-number of days without the sun (full cloud coverage). I think it was like 2 and a half months or something. It made the news for long time when people started recording glimpses of cloud openings! hahaha that's why I moved :)

Wes said...

500 yards of kicking? no way... I'm delighted to do the 2x25 kick sets in my current plan :-)

Pet Portraits By Becky said...

What great pictures. sweet wonderful pups.