Saturday, June 18, 2011


A good recovery week has its ups and its downs, along with a whole lot of seeing what normal people live like.  Just a peek inside my week, good and bad:

Sleep.  I have not set an alarm once this week, have not done a single workout in the dark, have not broken any records rushing out the door to get training done.  Of course, it is summer and light enough that I have woken on my own at 5:45 every day, but it’s the thought (that I don’t have to wake up early) that counts, right?

Leisure.  I’ve stayed up late reading several nights and plowed through 3 books (the Uglies, Pretties, Specials series).  Jeff and I saw a movie on Tuesday afternoon.  I ran both dogs at agility class without limping around saying “ow I think I pulled my ______ during my _______ workout this morning.”

Productivity.  I more or less wrapped up 3 work projects on Thursday due to a sudden burst of focus.  I might have had my most productive work week all year.  Which of course meant I could slack and ride my bike Friday at lunch when I had nothing to do.

Quality Time.  On Wednesday night the dogs and I got frozen yogurt together and sat on the tailgate of the car eating our portions side by side.  On Thursday and Friday mornings we took long walks on the field so they could run amok.  We went to Starbucks together around noon today.  And we may or may not be going to a drive-in movie together tonight. 

Caffeination.  I’ve been caffeinated twice in the past week.  You have to understand…I don’t drink coffee, tea or anything else with caffeine in it.  Yet somehow I’ve now twice ended up with chocolate-y blended coffee drinks.  My apologies to anyone who has had to experience my verbal diarrhea or uncontrollable bubbliness.  How do people do this every day????

Boredom.  Of course there is a downside…I’ve been reading years worth of blog posts on my coach’s blog just to fill the time.  Those were her old Ironman years, which means I’m even more fired up to start training again.  Which then leads to incessant refreshing of Training Peaks, hoping and wishing for some BIG training to start soon while sadly all that I see is another easy week.  I know, I know, I’m gonna have to build up (but *whine* I want to go long NOW dammit). 

And so goes life in the recovery zone.  I’m twitchy and ready to go.  Or maybe that’s just the caffeine.


Anonymous said...

I probably should be in recovery mode since I just signed up for another 4 months of training, but what fun is that?? Ha. Totally get it.

Jennifer said...

Molly, I totally missed saying congrats on your last race. You did so well! Congrats. So many blogs to read I feel like I am always behind! Have a happy recovery!

heather said...

I'm still waiting for Specials from the library. There's a 4th book in the trilogy too. Don't ask me how. It is called Extras.