Saturday, June 11, 2011


I got back last night from 2 crazy days at the dog show known as Woofstock.  I’ve got a lot more photos posted on Facebook so I’m going to keep it minimal around here.

Stanley astounded me!  He and his handler really clicked this week and it showed – Shannon did a *wonderful* job with him and he absolutely LOVES her. 

On Thursday he took Select Dog for a 4-point major towards his Grand Championship, beating out all but 1 of the other Best of Breed dogs.



Then on Thursday he showed his little heart out again for the big beardie-only specialty.  I was thrilled when he made the cut in such a competitive crowd, but then he ended up receiving an Award of Merit – AWESOME to be recognized like that at a specialty!!!  To make the moment even more special, Stanley’s sister was Best Opposite and their mother took an AOM as well from the Veteran class.






Just as wonderful as the big show wins was all the time spent hanging out with beardie friends who are like family at this point.  Everything from goofy teenagers…


to tired baby puppies…


to the veterans like Stanley’s mother!


On a completely different note, Jeff and I did get to celebrate our anniversary on Thursday – I made it back from the show in time for our dinner seating at Manresa.  We’d never been there before (it’s really hard to get reservations) but it came highly recommended by friends.  Every one of the very small courses was delicious but it’s clear I’m not cut out for that SERIOUS of a dining experience – we were the only people in the restaurant laughing!  Half the time I was so hungry I shoved the food in my mouth the moment it arrived and forgot to take a picture but I did get a few.

This was the roasted asparagus with crispy mussels


This was cod with octopus


This was the suckling porcelet with polenta (and spicy cheese balls! I taunted Jeff, who loves anything fried cheese, that I got cheese balls in my fancy dinner)


Jeff made me take a photo of his roasted lamb served with its own tongue and fava beans.  We busted out laughing when I told him all he needed was a nice Chianti.  Yes, we’re 12.


Now I’m just focused on resting my legs up for tomorrow’s race – despite my best efforts to stay off my feet at the show, they still feel really tired.  I met a friend for a quick swim in the lake this morning (we snuck in with the swimmers doing warmup for today’s races) and I plan to just stay plopped in a chair the rest of the day.  Except I guess I need to pack all my race gear still – gah!


heather said...

Go Stanley!

mtanner said...

Good luck and have fun tomorrow!!!

beardies3 said...

So proud of Stanley and the rest of the family this weekend. They ROCK.
Best of luck tomorrow. I'll be cheering from here and the beardies will bark loudly for you.

Jen said...

Congrats Stanley! Love the Hannibal Lecter-esque meal too, btw. :)