Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coming Back Down

Wow, 2 weeks without a blog post, that might actually be a record for me.  You know how it goes, sometimes life just takes over - and given how long life took the backseat to Ironman training this year, that's OK.  I've been busy with dog activities and spending time with my husband and working working working so I can wrap up my projects before our corporate holiday shutdown.  It doesn't help that I spent the first few weeks post-race with a bit of a foggy brain but I know that's normal for me too.

So I'll try to summarize everything going on in bullet points!

  • I reacquainted myself with beer.  And it was good.

  •  I used the 100% leaf cover on our lawn to take funny photos of the dogs.

  • I reacquainted myself with pie.  And it was good.

  • The dogs met Santa.  Max was happy, Puck was a little confused, and Stanley was just not happy about the dog in line growling at him.

  •  Jeff had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  The dogs were eager to help him recover.

  • I've been swimming, biking and running on my own and enjoying a free-form schedule as I wait till January to get back with the ELF for coaching.  I went to a TRX group class last week that was a blast.  I tried a Powerflex class at Ballys this week (a weight training group class).  That was...interesting.  I'm very sore so it was a good workout.  But it was just too much gym-bunny for me.
  • Speaking of swimming, I've enlisted the help of an expert to improve my swim stroke and can already feel the difference as he is totally altering my stroke.  It's ON for IM Canada in 2012.
  • Puck turned 4 months old.  He's about 30 pounds and all leg.
  • I went on a beer ride (ride to the brewery, have lunch, ride home).  It was extra awesome.

  • I gave Puck a twitter account.  PuckSaint can be found here.
  • I put up our dinky little tree.  All that really requires is carrying it out of the garage and plugging it in.  But it took me a few weeks to remember Christmas was coming (Ironman brain strikes again) so this helped get me in the spirit.

  • The boys VERY much enjoyed the cold mornings we've been having.

  • They did not enjoy quite so much their post-bath holiday dress up time.  Stanta is pissed, the elf is in hiding and the reindeer is passed out.

  • I've ferried the dogs around to various activities.  Since Jeff had knee surgery, I took Puck to puppy class last week.  Stanley has done a few shows since he's been home.  In fact, last night I didn't get home until 1am because I was out on I-5 handing him off to his handler who is taking him to a big show weekend with her.
  • I gave a big presentation at work today and despite my sleep deprivation (see late-night handoff to show handler) I nailed it.  And now my whole department has a better idea of what I spend all of my time doing.
  • I'm enjoying celebrating the wonderful things happening to people around me!  I'm so excited for my friend Mary who started with a coach this month.  She's going to see some big gains in racing this year!  I'm also excited for my aunt who signed up for Ironman and started a blog, all in the same month!  And I'm extra excited for my husband, who feels like he's been looking for a job forever but always held out for the right fit - he got the offer he was hoping for yesterday!
  • I got some pretty exciting news myself today but I'll save that for a separate post tomorrow.


Maggs said...

Is Puck still napping? His last tweet was from 3 days ago. Wake him up and tell him to tweet.

Beth said...

I love your tree!! And dog pictures!! :) Can't wait to hear your exciting news!

Caratunk Girl said...

Puck has gotten so big!! I love the dog pictures (of course).

I was going to say something else but was distracted by the dogs. The angry Santa picture is my fav.

Stef0115 said...

That's AWESOME you nailed your presentation ~ congrats!

What's your news huh? What is it what is it??


Christi said...

Great things going on all the way around. That is awesome!

Beth said...

I just love all tghe dog pics in this post. I had to send it to my husband.