Monday, December 19, 2011

Dam Jingle Bell Run 5k and other happenings

On Saturday my sister and I joined up with some friends to run a chilly little holiday 5k.  I knew it was too soon to race after IM AZ so I just ran it nice and easy with Meredith while my sister went harder (and won her AG!).  The best part was visiting with my friend Sara's beardie puppy before/after the race and then taking my sister to visit Stanley's breeder and her 10 puppies!

 Homemade cupcakes at the finish line was pretty awesome too!

 Max and I hit the road on Saturday night and headed to Southern California so we could collect Stanley from his dog show in Long Beach.  He had a great weekend and went Best Opposite twice and Select once over the three days.  He just needs one more major for his Grand Championship!
And then my boys and I were on our way to Arizona to join Jeff and Puck!
 The excitement of today is that Puck got his first drool :-)
I also participated in someone's birthday swim today, but I'll let her blog about that!


Sherry said...

First drool! Adorable!

Sounds like a near perfect weekend! Hope it's a great week for you too!

Christi said...

Puck is so adorable!

K-Koira said...

I wanted to let you know I am passing on the Liebster Award to your blog. If you would like to, you can get the award and the "rules" from my recent blog post.

Wes said...

you Mc-N(s) are such speedy peeps. what is momma feeding y'all?

Puck is getting big. I'm not supposed to say that am I? :-)