Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something to Smile About

We're finding positivity in all sorts of ways today!

Stanley's grand championship, which we finished in Arizona a few weeks ago (with me handling!), is official with AKC.  Always a relief to see it confirmed!  Too bad the win photo also arrived today and it sucked too much for public sharing :(

My TrainingPeaks ambassador page is live!  I guess that means it's official :-)  If you are interested in trying out TrainingPeaks software to track your training/nutrition/data, go sign up and use my discount code TPA14 for 15% off!
I caught a break and had decent weather for last night's swim technique session.  I feel so lucky to be working with someone who is using all sorts of great methods to hone each aspect of my stroke.  Last week we worked legs and focused on the kick, so this week we worked on arms.  That meant I did all sorts of things while my legs were tied together - what a difference to the swim on both ends when I added them back in! 
I really need to wash my bike after Saturday's wild wooly muddy ride.  Maybe next week, after the next storm hits...

I was back at the same pool again today, to cheer my sister on at the high school meet.  She took another 6 seconds off her 500 free time from 2 weeks ago.  She's getting SO CLOSE to breaking a big barrier!

I've got just a few more days left in rest week before my next big training block.  Thankfully, a resupply package came in the mail today!  I've been using Extreme Endurance this year and liking my results so far, so I decided to add in the Immune and Joint formulas.  Every little bit helps, right?
I hope everyone is having a good week - just a little longer till the weekend!

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Meredith said...

I'm so glad you found the positives in everything. Whenever I'm pissy, I think about you telling me to be positive!