Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

I kicked off Saturday morning with my first run test in a while.  It'd be nice to see what progress I've made in my fitness with the work I have been doing.  I had a pretty good feeling going into it and it was nice to see it confirmed with my best run test to date in the 3.5 years I've been working with my coach!

The test itself is 20 minutes as hard as I could go.  Don't pay too much attention to the paces below, I wasn't really going up and down like that - my Garmin doesn't play well with the big solar panels on one end of the track.  Thankfully I was on the track so I knew exactly the distance when I was done.  In any event, I got to confirm I'm getting faster!

TrainingPeaks makes it so easy to pull out my test segment, name it and analyze the data!

Stanley was showing in Vallejo all weekend and I went to watch both days after my workouts.  Nothing exciting to report in terms of results but he sure looked good in the pouring rain and slippery mud!

My favorite blue boy Beckham on the left with Stanley stacked right behind him
 I'm so glad no one slipped in the muck out there!
 Free stacking his little heart out
He was SO covered in muck by the time he was done in the ring he needed another half-bath before I could even put him in the car to come home!  It's good to have him back though, our house is just not the same without Stan the Man.

And with that my rest week is done - bring on the big training again!!!  I don't want to peek too far ahead in my TrainingPeaks schedule but there is some solid stuff ahead.  The title for this block is BIKE FOCUS/DOUBLE BIKE.  I think that says it all.


Steve said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Hope you have a good week. :)

Wes said...

didn't need no stinkin run test to know that you are getting faster! and at that heart rate, my chest would explode! Well done!!

Meredith said...

Yay for Stan! And yay for a big training week!

Bobbie said...

Sooo in a dog competition like this, there are other people/ judges who handle the dogs? Sorry, I'm used to seeing you running around in the ring too?!

Molly said...

For the show ring, I have someone else (a professional) handling him right now. I'm too busy with training and it can sometimes help as there can be politics involved at this level. I should be back to handling him myself in the show ring later this year though!