Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NCBCF Regional Agility Trial

I'll write about Saturday's race, maybe tomorrow, but for today I'd like to talk about Sunday!  The beardies and I trekked up to Elk Grove in the Central Valley to participate in our beardie club's regional specialty/all breed agility trial.  It was a nice way to break up our weekend and I want to hang out with our beardie friends as much as possible before we leave the state.

In the end, we had a great time!  Max enjoyed his one run, in jumpers, and decided 10 weave poles out of 12 was enough - at his age, who am I to argue?  He was happy, I was happy.

And Stanley...well, Stanley is starting to run like we've actually got our shit together.  The mistake made were mine...run #1 - not making sure he'd pooped (oops), run #2 - not running hard past the last jump (really I should have front crossed the end of the teeter and run the other side of the triple), and run #3 - not pulling him in a little on a wide sweeping loop of jumps.  But I am VERY proud of my youngster for his work!

Watch and see.


Wes said...

somebody should tell Stanley he should use more of the steps going over the bridge thingee... :-)

Mary Sue said...

I swear, at some points it looks like Stanley could actually fly!

Meredith said...

Nice air on those jumps. Nice job Stan!