Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

I'm less interested in recapping miles and races this year and more interested in remembering the amazing things that made 2013 memorable.  It had its ups and it had its downs but it was one hell of a year!

January - we spent 2 amazing weeks biking through Central America as part of the grand prize I'd won in a vegan sports nutrition product sweepstakes. Trip of a lifetime.

February - I coughed up the big news that I was moving to Boulder and explained the process in excruciating detail.

March - I puked my way to a new personal best power on the bike.

April - we visited Stanley's sister's adorable puppies and celebrated a birthday for a special dog friend.

May - I was not eaten by sharks.

June - Woofstock, baby.

July - We made our last trip to the beach with our best friends.  Little did we know we would lose 2 of them so soon afterwards :(  We said goodbye to California and hit the road for Colorado.

August - I moved in to our new home in Boulder, sent my husband on a plane home and fell in love with everything Colorado.  Also, it was hot.  Really hot.

September - Jeff visited.  It was still hot.  Then it started raining and thus commenced the great Boulder Flood of 2013.  We evacuated to three different hotels at different points in September.  I should teach a class on this.

October - We moved into a new home after the final straw with the flood and old apartment.  Jeff visited - it was hot again! I continued to train for a marathon in the prettiest place on earth, got chased by a cow, we got our first snow, and I did science.

Also…my mom came to visit Colorado for the first time and we went all over sightseeing. No, really.  Really.

November - I flew home and surprised Jeff and my family as he packed up our house.  I ran my last 20-miler at sea level and learned how awesome it is to live at altitude.  We sold our house in one day on the market.

December - I ran a marathon. Survived finals week and got As in my classes, spent 3 weeks eating like an asshole, and miraculously got back in the pool and on my bike.

If you're still reading and you care about the racing/mileage crap…
I swam 224,171 yards (~128.8 miles), biked 2376.17 miles, ran 903.91 miles, did a little over 26 hours of strength work, and got faster than ever on my lowest mileage in ~5 years.   I raced and podiumed in 2 duathlons and successfully swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco.  I started tri season well with a 4th place in AG, then podiumed in the next 2 races and crashed and burned in my first outing at AG nationals.  I ran 4 run races, made the podium in 3 of them and PRed the shit out of the last one.     Life was a bit hairy this year but I managed some huge improvements and I'm happy to put this racing year to bed and focus on the next one.

With that, I'm off to drink sparkling cider and eat spinach for dinner, hang with the dogs, and go to bed at 9pm.  2014 kicks off early and I need to be well rested!


Christi said...

A wonderful year of adventures for sure! I am very jealous of you selling your house so quickly!

Have a great 2014!

Meredith said...

What a great and crazy year it has been for you! Congrats on all of your accomplishments for 2013, I can't wait to see what you do in 2014!

Maggie said...

Congrats... sounds like an awesome year! Wish I had the heart to pursue a dream and pick up and move somewhere amazing like you did!

And congrats again on the marathon, BAD ASS!