Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Random Update-lets

I have nothing useful to blog about, so here are 10 random tidbits of information about what's going on around here, in no particular order of interestingness.

1) I'm still working at 9+pm, but I feel like I'm finally making a little progress on the procedural revision that has been haunting me for months. If I'm lucky I will throw a new draft at the reviewers in the next week, which will buy me at least 7 days before they all make me cry again with their responses.

2) It's Day 13 of TriGirlPink's Fruit & Veggie Challenge and I'm still on target - in fact, I'm eating well over the target 5 fruits and veggies per day! Jeff might want me to sleep somewhere else, but I'm awfully healthy these days!

3) My important run of the week was on Sunday - 1-mile repeats at faster than race pace. I blew away any past speed records I might have ever had for running a mile. And did it repeatedly! Only 2.5 months with my new coach and look how much I've improved - think about where I'll be in a year!

4) Speaking of which...a year...well this weekend is Ironman Arizona. It's very exciting! I'm flying down on Friday. I get to meet Cat and J and my coach and Jen Harrison and go trail running with Cat on Saturday. I get to cheer for a bunch of fellow bloggers who will be racing. I get to volunteer for the race on Sunday - I'll be a stripper...of wetsuits *get your mind out of the gutter!* when the athletes get out of the swim and hand out food when they finish later in the day.

5) And then *gulp*

the morning after.

I will sign up for the race in 2009.


6) I'm a little nervous about this trip to be honest. It's safe to say I might have a bit of hero-worship for a few of the female triathletes out there who I've only interacted with online, especially my coach of course. So there's a lot of "what if she doesn't like me" and "what if I totally embarrass myself somehow" going around in my head right now.

7) That said, I'm constantly amazed at how open and welcoming people are in this triathlon community. On Facebook I've gotten to know an international group of athletes and have to shake myself regularly when they pay attention to me ("did she just post on my wall? OMG she sent me a message!"). I never really had idols as a teenager, so I guess I'm making up for it now. But really, how many other sports do you know where the pros interact and joke around with the amateurs on a daily basis?

8) My favorite quote from the beardie national, from Yvonne: "He [Stanley] moved beautifully every time the judge looked at him, and he acted like a complete arse when his back was turned."

9) The boys and I went to an agility trial in Santa Rosa on Saturday. Max got another double-Q! The dog that I've barely trialed since he got his MACH in March (5 trials, 3 of them only a single day, by my count) suddenly has 12 double-Qs and 100 points towards his MACH2. Too bad I am devoting next year to USDAA trials. We'll get back to AKC eventually.

10) Today I tried everything I could to not get up early to do my shorter swim on my own. Everyone conspired against me to get me awake and at the pool on time for what turned out to be a pretty good swim. I'm not only surviving without the nose clip, it's getting comfortable! Well now I need to go to bed, because I have to be up early again for masters swim in the morning (first day back after the pool has been closed for a week).


cat. said...

we were all blogging at the same time!!

thanks for the "shout out", yo.

i have the feeling i'm gonna be workin' HARD on saturday.

: ) cat.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that before I moved here (Hawaii) I never met anyone that was involved in your sport. I have met a coule that do the Ironman here in hawaii and also travel all over doing other races. Thye are the most down to earth people I have ever met!! Even their friends that come over to the house when they are gone to hang at the beach are so nice. They all seem so nice!! Good luck with your races.

Bob Mitera said...

Anytime I need to "chill" I check out your dogs pictures! They remind me of one of the dogs I had as a kid. Good memories.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Miss Molly!!! I am looking forward to meeting you, Cat and the other bloggers...and seeing the other blogger friends....We don't bite...I don't...can't speak for ELF though...she has her moments. And, I am sure you are easy to like! If you like my kids, and I like your dogs, we are set. SEE you out there! :) Jen H.

Stef0115 said...

You are going to have so much fun at IM AZ! Honestly I would probably feel a bit of trepidation when meeting these folks too.

But that is what makes the sport so great as you said -- you are going to have an absolute BLAST and I can't wait to read about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Muppet,

Your #6 is how I feel around *you* :)!

And you are unfailingly gracious and friendly, and when/if my time comes with a pup of my own, I betcha you'll be willing with advice (though he'll be an itty bitty style, of course), if I manage the courage to ask!

You are amazing with your tris, just unbelievable!

I remain in awe :),
Moss (Charlie's Mom)

Liz Waterstraat said...

But...what if you don't like me? Just remember, I lose all social skills when

1) tired
2) hungry
3) decaffeinated

In that rare case, Cat knows how to deal with me :)

Can't wait to meet you!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend!!

Great job eating all those fruits and veggies.

BreeWee said...

I just got your comment, you are the best, you made me smile so big, even giggle, and as you know, EVERY smile is like a HUGE gain when going through this. I really appreciate you!

AND... goof luck with the fruit/veggie thing! WHOA you are doing awesome on that challenge!

Mahalo Plenty! And biggest hugs back to you!

Viv said...

Molly, the trip to AZ should be a blast. Have fun!

Awesome also on seeing improvements after working with your coach.