Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogging From The Airport

As I wait to fly home, I thought I'd get a post up with pictures from the long day at Ironman Arizona!

Wetsuit stripping was hard but really fun. People appreciated the help and you get caught up in the rush. Everyone is so thrilled for every swimmer that made it in under the cutoff and eager to help them get moving. Quite a few swimmers we had to help to the med tent though, as they were close to hypothermia and needed to be warmed up before they could go on.

Great weather yesterday - MUCH better than the past April date of this race - sunny and 80ish with less wind than spring.

We screamed our heads off all afternoon/evening for Cat and J's friend in particular and the general masses as a rule. Ringing cowbells, talking to every runner that went a triathlete you know this makes a difference for those racing.

Let me just say it was the best weekend, being able to spend time with Cat and get to know her. It's not often you meet someone with whom you can fall into an instant friendship without much awkwardness. It was a treat to have her and J stay with me!

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

And then this morning...I was in this line at 5:30am.
From Ironman Arizona 2008

From Ironman Arizona 2008

And signed up!

BRING IT ON! It's going to be a long, hard year but I eagerly anticipate toeing the line on November 22, 2009.


Stef0115 said...

I'll say it again . . . WOW! I know you had planned to sign up but it's a BIG DEAL, so another WOW is in order. :-)

Congratulations on making the commitment and I look forward to following your training for this adventure!

Viv said...

Great pictures! Congratulations on signing up. How exciting!!

Bob Mitera said...

Liz will get you where you need to be. Lots of work ahead.

Best of health!

momo said...

good for you, molly!!! thank you so much for cheering for me on sunday - it was an INCREDIBLE day. you're gonna love ironman - all parts of it. i can't wait to be there to support YOU!

Duane said...

Glad you are going to! It will be a great year!

Fe-lady said...

And I will be right there with you! (Or probably behind you somewhere!) :-)

Eileen Swanson said...

Sweet! How cool that you signed up! AZ was my first IM too. You are going to have so much fun! Love your blog pics, especially all the doggie ones ;-)

Anonymous said...

SWEET!!! let the real fun begin!! :)