Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bored in the Vegas airport

If you want to read some other accounts of camp and see even more pictures, check out these blogs!

Elizabeth Waterstraat (the ELF)
Heather Gollnick
Melissa (best camp roommate ever!)


Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh yes, PS. I forgot to give you credit for all those pics I put on my blog. Hee hee :)) Thank Little Miss Molly.

Cy said...

Thanks for sharing all the camp stories. Awesome photos, and congrats on doing such a great job.

Melissa said...

Hey Molly. I hope you had a good trip back, ugh you had to go so far!

It was awesome meeting you and rooming together. Thanks for putting up with me ;-) You are going to have a great year of racing in 2009!!