Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I admit it, I love toys. Doesn't much matter what it is - new bike, new goggles, new blender - I just love to play with new toys. I was so impressed with the camera that Kate and Melissa had at tri camp that I had to get one - mine arrived over the weekend!

This camera takes photos of exciting things like Northern California scenery.

Erm. OK. So maybe things are just damp and rainy around here right now. And maybe that's my backyard scenery. So what?!

Here is the husband on a rare occasion of being dressed up for a meeting.

This morning it was absolutely pouring when we went to the pool for masters. A waterproof camera comes in handy!

Justine and Melissa are too cute!

They are even smiley underwater.

Coach T is appropriately bunded for 90 minutes of standing in the rain.

Even underwater I am shorter than Melissa.

My awesome lane of people who are kind enough to not kick me when they pass me!

After the swim today I had a short bike planned. It was done in the garage on the trainer for obvious reaons (not so obvious if you are my father though - he's been riding daily in this storm!). I was so excited because I finally was able to hit my cadence target, at the right HR, in the big chain ring. Big girl gears!


melissa said...

Why hasn't anyone told me how dorky-looking my goggles are?

Clarese said...
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Clarese said...

Those underwater pictures are great! Looks like fun :)

beardies3 said...

Love the swim suit. I guess if you have to be at the pool at 0'Dark Hundred, it is easier if the coach is gentle on the eyes.

blondeez said...

The underwater pictures are fantastic!

And M, goggles are all dorky-looking, aren't they?

Congrats on hitting the big chain ring!

Trishie said...

those underwater pictures are adorable! so fun!

D said...

Outdoor pool? Sigh. My distaste for the PNW heightens once again.

Melissa said...

Yeah for new toys! I l.o.v.e. that camera, isn't it awesome? And it takes really good photos above water too. You can also buy a yellow-floaty attachment to use when you go swimming in open water..it makes the camera float so you don't accidentally donate it to the bottom of the ocean floor.

Nice job on the bike ride too!

ShirleyPerly said...

You certainly look like you're having lots of fun with that new camera. If I should get a new one, I definitely want it to be waterproof too!

Rainmaker said...

Nice! An outdoor pool, that's pretty sweet! I'd love to have an outdoor pool, even if it was cold and sorta frozen half the time.