Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Jeff

Hi honey! Aren’t you glad you check the blog daily?

Remember when I told you last week that I did something and I wasn’t ready to tell you what yet? And then I changed the subject?

and then I told my internet friends but not you?

First off, I swear, despite my obsessive planning personality, I have not been giving any thought to 2010. 2011, surprisingly yes (thanks to Jenn and her nudging about Coeur D’Alene), but not 2010. Mainly because I’ve bitten off quite enough in 2009, thankyouverymuch.

But…well…you know how all my friends were racing 2 weeks ago? And my friend Andrea kept sending those text messages from the race expo all weekend?

Um. Well. So she successfully convinced me to use her discount code and sign up for her hometown race for next year. *gulp*

Yes, before I’d done a single race this year, I was signed up for one next year. New Orleans 70.3 2010, here we come.

Let’s look at the positives though!

  • After taking an appropriate amount of time to recover from Ironman, I’ll have something else to look forward to!
  • I’ll have a local to get me around without a hassle and show me the sights (as I’ve never been there) and give me tips on the course!
  • We can make a vacation out of it!
  • I hear it’s possible to *really* party it up post-race!

And with that, I’m not going to think about it anymore until the challenges of this year are survived.

Did I mention I talked to Kate on the phone today and she's putting together a group for Vineman next year?


Recovery is going well – I’ve eased into my week with a long recovery spin and a morning swim at masters. I just realized I will be swimming more yardage this week than ever before, by A LOT. Fun and excitement abound! Happy Tuesday everyone!


D said...

Oh you cheeky bugger! haha

Meera said...

Hilarious! What a good way to communicate - I should adopt it :) I've never been to NOLA either - maybe I should make myself a groupie and join up in the partying.

Missy said...

Niceeee! Mine just reads and rolls his eyes...Jeff had to expect it, right?

Clarese said...

Hahahaha!! You are too funny, Molly.

Kirstin said...

This is too hysterical!!! Seriously, what did the hubby expect?

Marit C-L said...

Very cute! Great way to get the message across - LOVE it! You know I'm thinking about the Vineman thing as well.... Kate had one or three conversations with me about it.... :)

jennabul said...

I guess you need to put up another part on your blog "2010" races =) tee hee...good for you...

ADC said...

Ha ha funny. Actually I normally do that, but I also sign him up as well.

Wes said...

Jeff, I hope to see you and Molly in New Orleans next year :-)

Jen said...

Funny! That's how my husband found out that I bought myself the new Garmin 405...readining it on the blog :)

Melissa said...

Hahahahah. Awesome.
You are going to have so much fun at that race!