Sunday, April 19, 2009

Like a Fish

Don’t I wish, huh? The longest swim I’ve ever done today! The swim part was not TOO bad…the locale though? As I mentioned before, I was hamstrung by time today and had nowhere else I could swim – my wonderful parents got me in as a guest at their fancy swim club/gym. This is the place all the rich kids swam at when I was a kid but I’d never been there. Take a look at this picture…I think you will see why this swim was painful?

2009_Apr19 010

Sadly, much like cigarette smoke (who remembers the old anti-smoking campaign billboards in California? “How does cigarette smoke know to STAY in the smoking section?”), children do not know how to stay outside the lap lane, nor do their parents have any sense of lap swim etiquette.

And I do NOT want to hear from anyone how many of them were probably peeing in the pool. This was not exactly the clearest water I’ve been in.

2009_Apr19 012

But it is done. 3000 yards in the bank and it’s only going to get longer. No more Sunday afternoon swims though!

I’ve gotten a few questions for details on the Infinit I used yesterday. Here’s a real basic summary of what I did.

Began with Infinit stock blend Iron Distance Lemon flavor.

2009_Apr19 001

2009_Apr19 007

Assemble my helpful support staff.

2009_Apr19 006

I calculated that I’d need 2 calories per pound per hour. This meant that 3 “servings” – at 275 calories per serving – would add up to exactly what was needed for my 4-hour ride.

I used measuring cups to work out the exact markings for each hour serving on my water bottle (and every 15 minutes from there). From there, it was simply the task of mixing up the solution in my bottle and adding water to volume. Put it in the fridge for the night and had a full bottle ready to go in the morning.

2009_Apr19 009

I will add that this is not a sports drink - it is nutrition. I did not find the taste very exciting with only 1 serving in a bottle but concentrated it was much better. You still need to drink water or sports drink for your hydration with this.

Training totals for week 17 (April 13-19):
Swim: 7600 yards (!!!!!)
Bike: 89.6 miles
Run: 14.2 miles
Total time: ~12.25 hours

(plus 2 hrs of yoga)


Jen said...

7600 swim yards...Whew! Nice work :)

U of A
U of A
U of A

TriGirl Kate O said...

Thank you for the infinite info. my prob is that I need 350 cal/hr--which I guess I could mix up at a 250cal/hr and just do a gu too...I'd love your to have your "assembly crew" to help out. Sophie would love a playdate. Can't believe you swam 3000 (yds or meters?) in that pool. Ack. You are a braver woman than I.

Michelle Simmons said...

Ugh that pool looks GROSS!!

Thanks for the info on infinit. Glad it's working for you!

jennabul said...

Actually I am thinking it wasn't was most probably lots of sunscreen which people put on 10 seconds before entering the pool. The indoor pool has lots more kids peeing and is warmer, and doesn't look like that (except in the winter - but for different reasons).

ADC said...

OMG that pool looks busy. And not very clear. I like to think that noone pees in my pool buy who knows.

Runner Leana said...

Oh wow, a workout that long in a crowded pool like that would have driven me insane. Nice job!

Also, thanks for the tips on mixing up the Infinit. I need to start experimenting with stuff like that as my rides get longer. Cute assembly crew!

Wes said...

Almost like a lake swim ;-)

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Infinit. Never tried it. Fig Newtons are my food of choice on the bike!

GoBigGreen said...

I love that stuff. I like the Fruit punch flavor tho. And what i like about it is that it tastes but not alot. None of that gaggy aftertaste.

Good job on the swims! And yea i hear ya on the pool! I usually get beaned in the head with a toy or pool noodle!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yep, I'm not looking forward to summer when my Y pool will be looking more like that photo both above and below the water. Great job on the 3000 yards!

And I've been meaning to try out Infinit too. I thought, though, I wouldn't have to drink a sports drink in addition :-(

Missy said...

NICEEE, I hate that kind of pool swim. BUT you got it done and that's what counts. I just ignore what's IN the pool and figure there's enough chlorine to kill it all. Infinit rocks! THEN you can play and make your own custom blend based on your needs or tastes. Good stuff.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Heee Hee! Love the pool swim... at least you are swimming outside. I am dying to and am always annoyed when the kids start barging into the lane while trying to do laps.I use infinite too and love the mark allen orange with protein - 216 cal a serving. I take that with one power gel every 40 minutes and I am usually set! Beth Shutt has been my yoda for nutrition and helped a lot.

Rainmaker said...

You'd be amazed what you can get the taste like if you REALLY concentrate it. For the runs, I use 6.3 scoops in a 6oz gel flask. It requires a lot of patience and virtually no water. But in the end it tastes identical to a unfrozen slurpee.

Ordinarylife said...

I tried Infinit for the first time during Ironman South Africa (yes, I know bad to try anything new on race day) but I am now a convert!

The stuff I had on the bike went off because of our extremme heat so I had no other choice. I am very glad I swopped over.