Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Randomness

Nothing in particular today, just the swirling thoughts in my brain…..

  • My agility teacher, who recently friended me on Facebook, asked me after a couple days of watching my status updates - “Do you live to train or train to live?” My reply? “I train to eat!” Yes, all these hours of swimming, biking, and running are really just a ploy to see how much food I can consume in any one week without gaining weight.
  • On that note, I’m very excited looking through the next couple week’s workouts, as I am being presented with ample opportunity to eat. and eat. and EAT. Woo!
  • Did a bit of a speed workout this morning – between warmup and cooldown were a long set of short pickups with even shorter periods of backing off in between. I managed to spend most of the run with my head in the clouds, plotting and planning, instead of focusing on what hurt or if I was breathing hard or how much longer I had to go. Nice feeling!
  • Just in case anyone was wondering, Jeff wasn't remotely surprised by my last blog post. His response was something along the lines of "woohoo! a weekend of freedom all alone! have fun!" I think he forgot he'll be home alone with 3 dogs who all want his undivided attention. *snicker*
  • Tomorrow I have a workout that has been intimidating me a little all week – long bike ride (nothing new there) where I need to simulate my Boise 70.3 course (not too difficult around here and will be on very familiar routes for me) and do everything nutrition-wise that I plan to do in Boise (uh oh). I have still not completely nailed my long-ride nutrition. A few weeks back I tried CarboPro 1200 on Marit’s recommendation and was a little squicked out by the syrupy-ness (though this may still prove to be a good option if I can get past that). This week I am going to try *shudder* Infinit. Everyone I have talked to loves this stuff, I just can’t get past the first description of its appearance that I ever heard [hint: sounds like guys that work on boats…you know…SEA-MEN?]. I will have one concentrated bottle for my entire ride and will be using a marked bottle to consume a certain amount for each hour of riding. This leaves me free to enjoy water or sports drink for my hydration without NEEDING to take in further calories.
  • Yesterday in masters our coach thought it would be a good idea to do timed 100s for our main set. The entire pool went off on the same interval that allowed for adequate rest and we were to swim the 100s as hard as we could, all-out. Wow. That was fun. Not. I think I lost my arms somewhere around the 4th or 5th one. My lane did NOT join the other lanes in doing the last one off the diving blocks.
  • Sunday will be a whirlwind of activity. Stanley gets to go with me to a dog show in Vallejo for some health tests. He’s 2 now so it’s time for hip/elbow x-rays and then he gets the fun part of the visit: the semen bank. Really. And you thought dog showing was all stiff suits and running around a ring, didn’t you? After THAT excitement, I have my longest swim EVER on tap. My parents are getting me into their fancy-schmancy pool since no one else has lap swim on Sunday afternoons around here. When I finally heave my limp carcass onto the pool deck, I’ll have to hustle and get ready for playoff game #2!
  • YES, hockey playoffs are in full swing and I’m as happy as a pig in shit. The TV goes on at 4pm and I spend the afternoon switching between 3 different games trying to catch them all.
  • I might have to go to Chicago for work for like, 1 day, in a few weeks. I’m trying to figure out how to schedule it to not interfere with training or playoffs or agility class. Good luck on that. I don’t even get to go to the cool part of town, I have to visit our corporate headquarters in the way north suburbs. And I will be with a group, which means no breaking off to visit with anyone there. Blech.

That’s about all the random I can think of for the moment. I’m off to yoga to stretch out my achy body and then I get to spend the afternoon brushing and grooming the wooly mammoth so he looks good for Sunday. Have a great weekend!


D said...

I DEFINITELY want to hear a review on the Infinit. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about race nutrition. Ugh.

ADC said...

Glad someone can eat what they want and not put the weight on. You surely juggle a lot. Have fun at your long ride this weekend.

Jen said...

Hey! If the Infinit doesn't work out, give Sustained Energy (Hammer Product) a try. I swear by it. I usually put a few scoops in to a gel flask, add a bit of water (shake REALLY well) and a gel (whichever is your favorite), or honey.

SE has no flavor, so the "goop" (turns out to be the consitancy of Gel) ends up tasting like whatever you add to it.

Have fun out there!

Iron Jayhawk said...

Uhmm...Boo. Stay an extra day. We have a big screen and a sofabed for you to crash.

I'm bummed to learn that CarboPro is syrupy. I definitely can't handle something like that on a long ride.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I love random posts, Molly! Have a good weekend & I love that you train to eat....!!! GOOD! :) it is all good. Happy weekend!

Missy said...

I love Infinit. So much tastier than CarboPro, I think. CarboPro was so syrupy that I watered it down some and that helped. I DO like the idea of a one hit bottle with everything I need. I HATE chewing...while I race.

Rainmaker said...

I did Infinite all last year, and it worked really well for the bike and a more concentrated version as a gel for the run. The only problem I found was that in really intense workouts my stomach couldn't handle it and I'd toss my cookies. I've been trying EFS this year and thus far, so good.