Thursday, July 23, 2009

And We’ll All Float On OK

Once again, it’s almost time for the weekend.  For once though, I am not completely overscheduled.  Yes, there is a swim and a bike and a run (but shorter ones!), and a slumber party with my sisters on Friday night (chick flix and pizza with three 14-year-olds) and a birthday party for blondeez on Saturday night.  But really, it’s looking wide open from my perspective.  It will be a good weekend to focus on rest and recovery and prepare for the coming week.

After Monday, the week has gone reasonably well!

I’ve been super-productive at work, probably making up for how unproductive I know I will be next week! 

I had my traditional 10-days-before-race massage on Wednesday.  A LOT of time was spent working on my tight calves – something that’s only developed for me recently.  Is it the increased bike work?  Running shoes that were close to retirement?  With no way of knowing for sure, I ditched my older pair of shoes and will be rolling the calves out regularly till they are happy.  I’ll just add that calf work is NOT pleasant – who knew that could hurt more than having knots worked out of my glutes?  I am always reminded of Marit’s experience at ART as I grip the table in pain.   Itsgoodformeitsgoodformeitsgoodforme.  On the positive side, it’s always nice to be told “I LOVE working on you - you are so athletic, it’s like an anatomy lesson every time as I can find and identify all the muscles because yours are so developed.”  *grin*

I conquered a tough peak-week brick today, starting with power intervals on the bike trainer and ending with a run that made me want to hurl.  As it turns out, when you have to put your head down and hold an uncomfortable wattage while dripping in sweat, love or hate her, Lady Gaga is the best soundtrack on the iPod for keeping the cadence up!

The run afterwards involved a build and then keeping a fast pace for the last 15 minutes.  I did it – barely – but not happily.  My legs are still paying the price for yesterday’s massage.

Thankfully tomorrow is a Rest Day!  I went to yoga at lunch today and was pleased we did a ton of leg stretching – just what my hamstrings and quads and shins and calves needed.  I’m already decked out in the compression socks (oh how they will love these at Stanley’s agility class tonight) and supportive shoes.

I’m not really thinking about it yet, or doing any planning or packing, but there’s this little race coming up in just 9 days…  At this point, I know I can finish the half-Iron distance.  But I have goals that were not accomplished last time around and it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone and make them happen.  After Barb’s Race, the focus will turn to Ironman training and that’s a whole different beast. 

Good luck to everyone racing IM Lake Placid this weekend.  I will be glued to the computer on Sunday cheering for everyone!


Trishie said...

oh a 70.3 in 10 days! exciting ! *grin* to the "you're so athletic" -- what a nice thing to hear !

ShirleyPerly said...

The trainer during summer? That sounds like cruel & unusual punishment!

I hear ya on those sport massages, though. Boy, do they hurt. I hope those calfs cooperate and loosen up before your race!

D said...

Love me some Lady Gaga. Oh yes I do. I also love the "make me wanna hurl" trainer sessions. Those are my absolute favorite for some reason.

Sherry said...

Ahhh... massage... THAT is what is missing in my routine! It's always on my 'to do' list, but then a race pops up, I forget to schedule one and it ends up on my "oops!" list!

Enjoy your rest before your next half! :o)

Jen said...

Lady Ga Ga always has a spot on my IPod and in my heart :)

Enjoy the rest!

ADC said...

So she is training - freindly? I must download some music then. One week to go Molly - I am so excited!!! Unlike you I was super-unproductive this weel at work :(

Wes said...

I love her motto. If ain't rough it isn't fun :-) We are talking about Ironman here, right?

Runner Leana said...

It sounds like you have a fantastic weekend in store! Hope the slumber party is a lot of fun! I went for massage yesterday and warned my therapist that my calves may be a little tight. As she got to work her response was, "Wow, your calves ARE tight!" Of course they look fabulous though. One of the best benefits from all of this biking!