Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Some people got nice relaxing holiday weekends…went on vacation, went to the beach, drank a lot of booze, watched their local holiday parades.  Me?  Of course not.  With Friday off work it meant I had even more free time to cram in Very Important Things.  Things like…

Friday Ride/Run:

I set out with Jeff and Nigel for a 3-hour hilly ride in the Cupertino/Saratoga foothills.  We picked Jenn up 1 hour into our ride (she forgot her bike shoes and had to run home for them).  It worked out OK since we took her up one of the steepest hills I know (the back side of Mt Eden, almost as bad as the front side of Hicks Rd but shorter) just after that.  After I rode Jenn back to her car, I used the remaining hour of my workout to ride home (while Jeff hung out with Nigel and then drove home).  I surprised myself sustaining some nice speed on the flats on the way back.  1/2 mi from home, as I was looping around the neighborhood to finish my last 10 minutes of riding, I got a flat and a punctured tire from a giant industrial staple. 

Once home I immediately headed out on a run.   10 minutes to build pace, 10 minutes at a pace that sounded completely insane, 10 minutes easy.  Somehow I held the instructed pace, though I won’t say it didn’t hurt.


Immediately post-brick, refueling needs were at critical mass.  We took the dogs to Willow Street Pizza for lunch and then next door to Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt.  A big hit in our house.

2009_July3 006

Cup Face

2009_July3 007

2009_July3 008

Open Water Swim:

Nigel and I dragged Alex and Jeff to Santa Cruz so that we could do an open water swim.  The Santa Cruz Triathlon Club does great group swims out there and it’s good to have company.  No one seemed to be swimming the wharf this time, so we swam to a moored boat off-shore and then through a series of buoys before coming back to the beach.

I’m a little dot near the ship in this photo (taken from the wharf)

2009_July3 010

Post-workout recovery with Nigel of course means food and drink.  Or cross-dressing, as the case may be.

2009_July3 011

Suffice it to say, recovery food AND beverages were consumed.

2009_July3 013

And if you want some entertaining series…click for larger shots.

2009_July3 014 2009_July3 015 2009_July3 016 2009_July3 017

2009_July3 022 2009_July3 019 2009_July3 023 2009_July3 020

Agility Trial:

Max and I managed to squeeze in one day of the Bay Team USDAA trial on Saturday.  He hasn’t trialed since early May in Carson City so I resolved to just have fun with him.  As it turned out he had some great runs (hit all his contacts in Masters Standard, had a nice opening in Masters Gamblers) and only one bobble (slipped and crashed on the broad jump in Steeplechase).  Best yet, on the last run of the day, he qualified in Grand Prix with an awesome fast run.  1 more of those and he’s qualified for Nationals (which conveniently enough are in Arizona one week before Ironman).

Ride. Again:

Sunday brought ANOTHER long ride.  This time we headed to Sonoma County to ride the Vineman course, which we’ll be racing in 4 weeks - Barb’s Race 1/2 IM for me, Vineman Aquabike (1/2 IM distance swim/bike) for Nigel and my dad.  It was the first time my dad and Nigel had ridden the course and I was excited to show them how beautiful it was.  My father hadn’t ridden 50 miles since our metric century back in April, but he did really well today!

Nigel and Jeff in front of one of the many wineries on the route

2009_July5 002

Sheep!  We saw (lots and lots of) cows, sheep, goats, llamas, emus, donkeys and more on this ride.

2009_July5 004

Sporting my new Multisport Mastery race kit

2009_July5 008

Rest stop at the awesome Jimtown Store (baked goods, restrooms, a water spigot for refills, and a bike rack!)

2009_July5 010

Dad, me, Jeff and Nigel – we look very colorful.  The boys rode all bundled up but I wasn’t cold!

2009_July5 011

My dad did a great job on the rollers leading up to Chalk Hill Road

2009_July5 014

Finally cresting the top of Chalk Hill, knowing the miles to go are primarily downhill


2009_July5 015


2009_July5 016

Jeff (who took the earlier shots and then rode back down)

2009_July5 018


2009_July5 019


On our way up to ride, I dropped Stanley at Beth’s house so he could play with his sister and mother.  While I was riding up what felt like every hill in the county, my puppy was being tired out (and then Beth was nice enough to hose him off and clean him up again for me).  I think the pictures show how much fun he had (credit to Beth for the photos).





Beatrix and brother Stanley


Training totals for week 28 (June 29-July 5):
Swim: ~4560 yards
Bike: 116.8 miles
Run: 18.2 miles
Total time: 13 hours

I survived BIG BIKE WEEK but I’m not feeling relieved just yet.  Next week’s training schedule, to be honest, scares the shit out of me.  My swims are ALL drill swims.  THREE of them.  My runs are hard, with pace instructions that make me hurt already.  And my rides are all power-based and guaranteed to be painful.  Someone will be mopping me off the floor by the end of next Sunday.


Liz Waterstraat said...

Love how the race kit looks! YEAH!!! Eat your drills. Like eating your vegetables.

beardies3 said...

Do one day at a time. Conquer one drill at a time. Liz knows you can do it or she would not have given it to you.

Maria said...

wow, what a weekend, did you manage to slip some sleeping time in there anywhere? love the dog/ice cream pictures!

Duane said...

Wow, you had a tough week!

Meredith said...

I have no idea how you get so much done in a week! Congrats on an awesome week and I'm looking forward to hearing all about next week's training.

Michelle Simmons said...

I love the Vineman course! I used to live in Healdsburg so we rode it all the time... Jimtown store... Too cool! :)
glad you got through the big week!! :)

TriGirl Kate O said...

Next time you need to stop at White Oak winery on 128--my favorite winery on the route. I soooo wish I could be doing Barb's race with you, but alas, I'll be here and tapering. Sounds like a good week, and you are faithfully "eating your vegetables!"

Wes said...

awwwww man... I NEEDED to race in my one piece this year, but the MM kit looks awesome!

Yup. Take the training days one at a time and focus on recovery! I haven't re-attached my arms yet from last week if you want to borrow them :-)

Runner Leana said...

Wow, Molly, that sounds like quite the weekend! Nicely done on all of the hard work! The race kit looks great. As usual, I love the pictures of the pups!

Rainmaker said...

You just keep knocking out one solid training week after another. I also like the sheep picture, it has that feeling like you snuck around the corner and caught them there quietly.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yikes, 3 drill swims!

The new MS kit looks good on you. I heard from Stef that she was getting one but hadn't seen it before.