Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time Warp

Ever since training picked up the pace this year, I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp where the weeks blur together, one to the next, the weekends zip by in a flurry of training and eating and sleep, where I’m left still wondering what happened to June much less the first half of July.

I guess busy = happy so I shouldn’t complain.

(By the way, this image, and many like it, also comes up when you google time warp. Interesting…)

Friday was a rest day. The way the week was going, I took the rest notion to heart big-time. I slept in, I went to yoga class at lunch, and I scheduled a spa facial for after work. I even napped in the “quiet room” at the spa, and I ended the night reading a good book with my snugglebugs.

2009_July12 001

After a quick swim and run on Saturday, Jeff and I hopped a plane to Long Beach for Jeff’s college roommate’s annual beach party. I got to watch Jeff play volleyball while I drank bottle after bottle of water trying to stay hydrated for Sunday’s training.

2009_July12 004

Gosh I love that man.

2009_July12 009

Even when he’s covered in sweat and sand.

2009_July12 021

Today I headed out on my own to do a long ride where I had to hold various power intervals with a main set of 3 x 20 minutes. While I am not happy that Nigel was suffering the effects of a bad curry selection, it was a good day for me to ride alone and put 100% of my focus on meeting my specified targets. Thankfully I was not alone on the roads, as the San Jose Livestrong Ride event was going on today, as I learned from the many directional signs and riders on the road. I wish we could have all the large signs warning drivers about riders on the road every day!

Towards the end of my ride, I swung over to visit with the family at the Almaden Relays swim meet – 100% relay races! In case you hadn’t known it already, I’m the oldest of 9 kids, and the youngest 5 are adopted (from China and Vietnam).

My dad is now a swim official.

2009_July12 030

I stayed long enough to see all the kids compete in the 200 back relay.

Ryan and Jack (who apparently never races with goggles)

2009_July12 0362009_July12 043

Grace, Mimi, and Cai (who kicked halfway across the pool off the wall before she even began her stroke!)

2009_July12 0482009_July12 0522009_July12 055

Once I finally got home and ice-bathed and showered, it was time to clean up the dogs and take them for their own social outing of the weekend. Playdate at Eva’s house and beardie friend Piedra was there as well!

You know you’re in Willow Glen when even the dog treats are ritzy

2009_July12_2 001

Rare shot with all four beardies

2009_July12_2 018

Could you find us some more toys?

2009_July12_2 022

Finally Stanley and Eva got to play chase!

Another weekend gone so fast, another week to begin. I hope my 7-hour budget meeting tomorrow goes as fast as my weekends seem to fly by!!!

Training totals for week 29 (July 6-12):
Swim: 4800 yards
Bike: 85.2 miles
Run: 18.5 miles
Total time: 11 hours

Plus 1 hour of yoga


ADC said...

Some great photos Molly and what looks like a great weekend. The doggies are so cute.

Runner Leana said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Way to make the most of your rest day. Love the ritzy dog treats...and congrats to your siblings on their swim meet!!

GoBigGreen said...

I want to "HOP" a plane and end up at the Ocean. But my plane ride would be too long! Love the dog treats. There is a guy here that makes dog treats out of the same things he puts in bread, they actually smell like croutons. I have been tempted, but havent tasted them yet!

Wes said...

Time flies when you know you have a 7 hour budget meeting on tap :-)

and woooo... Hot sweaty sandy pictures of Jeff... No, no... It's over ;-)

ShirleyPerly said...

YES, I hear ya on weekends seemingly flying by!!

Nice job on your bike intervals workout. Those are tough to do with or w/o someone else along. And I would love to have signs warning drivers about cyclists on the road all the time :-)

Glad you had a great time with family too!