Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharing the Fun

Today I introduced one of my sisters to the joy of open water swimming.  Since I bought a new Xterra suit with the Vineman coupon code, I had my old one for her to use and it fit her perfectly!

2009_July17 001

She even broke out some butterfly in the lake!

2009_July17 003


2009_July17 002

My dad, in the meantime, tried to blend into the buoys

2009_July17 004

My dad and sister

2009_July17 007

Me and my sister

2009_July17 011

At 13-almost-14, she did great in her first OW swim, zipping past all of us and cruising along in the lake.  A few more practices and she’ll be ready to race the Catfish Swim with me in September.

2009_July17 012

The beardies and I are doing an agility trial in Carmel all weekend.  Knowing that I’m close to tapering, I figured I could fit in a trial with my training.  This is a new venue, on a golf course and supposed to be really nice, so I am looking forward to it.  Given the close proximity to the Central Coast, the weather should be relatively cool too.  Hopefully we will have some nice reports from the weekend!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

That's great your sister is not afraid of OW swimming, so great of you to help her. Have fun in Carmel with your doggies! I love that area, having done a trail race last October. The weather is perfect... enjoy the break from tri and your taper.

GoBigGreen said...

Your sister is so cute. and what was this i heard about doing fly? She could do fly and whop on all of us at a tri. That would be too cool!

ADC said...

Family open water swim session! Sounds perfect.

Rainmaker said...

I'm fairly amazed you actually got a picture of that fish...impressive.

Trishie said...

These pictures are so much fun --- what kind of (underwater) camera do you have ? Have a great time in Carmel w the pups !

Missy said...

I love some underwater pix! How fun. Yep, sounds like OWS is made for her. Even if tri isn't her thing, lots of OWS races around...

ShirleyPerly said...

Sooo awesome that your sister can join you on open water swims too. I once saw a woman doing butterfly in open water in San Diego -- unreal!!