Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Picture Says 1,000 Words…

I was flipping through my photo files, looking for something specific (bad show photos, for a forum I’m on, and I couldn’t find any!), and I rediscovered quite a few that I’d forgotten about.  So, it’s random picture day!

Max at 6 months old, and I still carry him around this way


Cujo at the old water fountain at the high school, waiting for someone to turn it on


Skydiving (I had a HUGE fear of heights) for my 27th birthday

2004_Apr17 013

2004_Apr17 016

About 2 miles from the end of my first 1/2 marathon (April 2006).  If anything, this picture just emphasizes to me those 10 pounds of muscle mass I’ve put on since then!  Triathlon really does do a body good.

2006_Apr23 015

Formal portrait of my old man.  I need to get one of these done for the puppy.

MaxPortrait 003 (2)

Engagement photos with the best photographer ever, in my favorite state!



Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Stanley’s first day home.

2007_Apr22 035

Favorite photo from our wedding ceremony

2007_Wedding_ProPics 027

Tired show puppy, crashed out in the hotel room

2008_Feb23_24 034

Having fun with peanut butter and dog tongues





Maria said...

Love the pictures, they are all so cute!!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I just love looking through old pics :-) Change is good!!!

Maggs said...

I'm not so sure the dogs were as enamored with each other as you and jeff and the engagement photo.

cheryl said...

molly-those are great pics!

ADC said...

Lovely engagement photos. But I absolutely adore your dogs. I would really love to see them in person some day.

D said...

I've always wanted to ask, but figured guys would hiss at me if I did... when you skydived, did it feel like you were getting humped from behind the whole time?

Runner Leana said...

Love the pictures!!!!

Beth said...

I LOVE the pictures!! I especially like the picture of the dogs at your wedding. So fun. ;)

Charisa said...

Your dogs are sooooooo fun!

Kevin said...

Great pictures. Your dogs are so cute

beardies3 said...

Didn't know you had sky dived! Gary used to dive also. I got my pilots license so I could drop jumpers and then realized I couldn't take him up. If anything happened I'd feel responsible. :-( So my license did not get used much.

Did you enjoy the experience and did it quell your fear of heights?

Trishie said...

great photos -- the engagement one is lovely :)

Ryan said...


Marit C-L said...

Seriously - too much. I can't stand it ;)LOVE the pictures!

Iron Jayhawk said... absolutely wonderful! I love the engagement photos. :)

San said...

Ah, soooooo cute. Makes me wanna have dogs too. Damn those allergies.