Monday, April 5, 2010

Belated Weekend Wrapup

Sorry, there was no way I was going to blog when I got home to California last night, after midnight!

I redeemed myself for Saturday’s sufferfest on the bike with a wonderful hard interval run Sunday morning.  Not knowing what off-Strip areas in Vegas are safe, I went ahead and ran to The Strip and up and down that past the hotels/casinos.  At 5:30 am, that makes for quality entertainment as a runner!  (Very drunk) people were in awe that someone was out running, possibly as much as I was that they had stayed up all night drinking! 

After that, it was another day at the dog show/agility trial.  In all, my boys did spectacular!  Max double-Qed (meaning he was perfect in both courses on the same day) and racked up more points towards his MACH2.  And Stanley decided 2nd place in Novice Standard on Saturday was not good enough – he went 1st place on Sunday!  I so wish I had video to show how much he’s improved.

From there, it was time for Leaving Las Vegas as we started the drive home to California.



Amusingly enough, leaving Nevada (right at the CA border) looks similar.


9 long hours in the car later (damn you LA drivers on I-15 and your terrible bad interstate behavior!), we rolled into San Jose in the pouring rain and dark and went to bed.  Jeff and Cujo had beat us there by about 8 hours on their return from Arizona.

Training totals for March 29-April 4 (1 bike missed due to illness):
Swim: 8400 yards
Bike: 42.4 miles
Run: 14.8 miles
Strength: 60 mins of TRX
Total time: ~10 hours

I was back at masters bright and early this morning.  Another big training week ahead, getting ready for the races!


Runner Leana said...

Welcome home and congrats on a great weekend with the boys!

Meera said...

I admire your stamina! You're a little Energizer bunny :)

Wes said...

The puppies are STELLA! Love it!! and I lurves the fact you are on your trainer in the hotel room. That's HTFU right there :-)