Monday, April 26, 2010

New Trial Photos

I finally got photos from the Silver State Kennel Club trial in Vegas a few weeks ago. I don’t have many agility pictures of Stanley yet so I do tend to buy more of them right now than I do of Max.

The Steady Experienced Dog



The Speedy Youngster




Photos courtesy of Pyro Images


jennabul said...

I love how happy they look when they're doing agility. Unabated joy.

San said...

I like all of these pictures. First and last are my favourites though.

And yeah, Jenna is right, those guys of yours look like they have tons of fun.

Maria said...

Those are great pictures! My goodness they have a lot of hair!

Clarese said...

Beautiful shots! I love the one of him coming out of the tunnel :)

Sherry said...

They are SOOOO amazing! So athletic (like their momma)! I hope I get to meet your pups IRL someday. :o)

Maggs said...

I love your dogs....but not more than mine. I saw the woman with the beardies again today. One day I'm going to have time to chat with her.