Saturday, April 3, 2010

In case anyone was wondering

I did not fall off the face of the earth.  But I did get sick and spend a whole day in misery and another still recovering.  It was a baaaaaad baaaaaad round of Mexican food, my friends. 

And then I bathed dogs and packed the car.


And then we left Arizona.  Here’s your clue where the boys and I are now.


Yeah, the sight of Hoover Dam wouldn’t have meant much to me either, had I not spent 90 minutes winding 3 miles up and down the mountain to cross it on that road.


Anyway, we are in Las Vegas, attending a dog show and agility trial.  So far, things are mostly good – some nice agility runs from my boys and Stan behaved well in the show ring, no matter what choice the judge made.  After we finished up today, I had a swim-bike workout to be done.  Here is me suffering big-time in my hotel room on the trainer.


Another day at the shows tomorrow and then we head home.  It will be nice to get settled back in normal life.

March Totals: Swim 30,000 yds/Bike 167.6 mi/Run 60.2 mi


Rainmaker said...

Woot! Enjoy Las Vegas!

Maggs said...

Have fun in Vegas. And nice job on taking the bike and the trainer with you.

SWTrigal said...

Enjoy! Go back through Laughlin..

Unknown said...

Glad you're feeling better!! Enjoy the trip!

Beth said...

I love that top picture of your dog all wet! Hilarious! :)

Jennifer said...

Love the picture of the pup. Do well at the shows and happy to hear you are feeling better!

Charisa said...

Your dogs are just so cute!