Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Or just really really busy!

  • I was back to work this week and busy as ever.  I had my official annual performance review and, suffice it to say, I was still blushing hours later at all the nice comments from the 360 feedback of my colleagues.  Even with training for an Ironman last year, apparently I kicked ass.
  • It was a good solid training week.  Lots of hard workouts and I’m really pleased with how they went.  Excellent news since my first triathlon of the year is 6 days away – yikes!
  • This also means Rev3, my Olympic tri for the year, is 4 weeks away.  How did that sneak up on me so fast???  I’m excited and nervous all at once…this is only my 2nd Olympic ever and it’s my opportunity to say No, Wildflower will NOT define my Olympic distance potential! Damn you, stupid nasty Wildflower!  Or something like that…
  • The beardie boys and I went to an agility trial in Dixon on Saturday.  Max had some beautiful runs and picked up more speed points.  Stanley topped off those 2 Standard legs from last weekend with his final Novice Standard leg this weekend (and I think 1st place!) to finish his NA title.  Wow, just like that I am done with Novice agility until the next dog…now it’s on to the Open level for the baby boy!  We will probably spend a longer time in Open while we work on our weaknesses in handling but that’s OK! I remember doing the same thing with Max.

Besides next weekend’s race, I think there are some other very exciting things due to occur around the same time.  But we all know how due dates are just a guess (I was born 2 weeks late, for example), so I’ll update when I know something!

Race week – woohoo! I may or may not be most excited about the very light workload this week :-)

Training totals for April 5-11:
Swim: 7250 yards
Bike: 59.5 miles
Run: 17.2 miles
Strength: 30 mins of TRX
Total time: 10.75 hours


GoBigGreen said...

Thanks Molly:) I know KO is looking forward to Rev3 with you. Congrats on the job review, isnt that a great boost!

Sherry said...

Molly, I think that you are going to be great at the Oly distance and I'm excited to see how you do at Rev3. I wish that I was doing that event. :o) Good luck at the Showdown this coming weekend... hard, hard, HARD! Puke zone, okay?!?

Congrats on the awesome performance eval!

Maggs said...

I'm confused. Are you pregnant? ;-)

Rainmaker said...

I keep forgetting you'll be in Knoxville too. Woot!

ADC said...

Ha ha Maggs, I was thinking the same!

San said...

Congrats on the performance review.

I don't get the Wildflower thing! What's that about?

In any case good luck and have fun this week. I'm sure you'll rock this first 2010 Tri of yours.


Maria said...

Congrats on the job reviews, I know how exciting those can be...always better when they go your way!
...dude are you pregnant??

Wes said...

Even with training for an Ironman last year, apparently I kicked ass.

Why does this not surprise me? :-)

Congratulations to the Beardie Boyz! So, does this mean you are getting another puppy? I could ship one of my Lhasas out to you for training :-)