Friday, August 27, 2010


For some reason, while driving home from dropping the dogs at the groomer this morning, I was thinking about group training and my dealbreakers – things that make or break working out with other people.  What are yours?

Swim: In a masters setting, it’s people who don’t follow the workout and don’t know how to use the pace clock, especially if they are the ones leading my lane!  I’ve learned to just switch lanes if there’s a bunch of these.  In the lap swim pool, it’s people who want to circle-swim when there are only 2 of us – that never ends well – or people who steal my swim gear.  More than once, I’ve looked up and someone else was using my pull buoy.

Bike: This one is fairly easy - (a) wearing an ipod or (b) not wearing a helmet.  I know there are people who say they can be safe with both and that’s fine, but I won’t ride with you.  Period. 

Run: Oh, just about anything here.  I really don’t run well with others (put it in my report card, go ahead).  I want to go my own pace, not talk much, and not smell anyone else where possible.


Wes said...

I always pretty much train by myself. Busy busy... but I'm right there with you on the deal breakers.

Jennifer said...

I am with you on most of those. I think in addition, on the bike I am not into excessive chatting. There is a place for gossip and stories, at the coffee shop after the ride! I also run alone. Once in a while I will run with a good friend and then it is a real treat.

The Original MAJ said...

I'm the one who doesn't know how to follow a lap clock . . . so I warn whoever I'm swimming with and try to stay in a newbie lane.

I'm with you on the gear-stealing!

Clarese said...

Ha ha! Ew - "not smell anyone else."

Tea said...

LOL. yea, the "not smell anyone" is pretty darn funny.

I've been training by myself for years. I'm joining a tri club soon. I'm looking forward to having someone/other people around for the bike. I'm looking forward to having "strength in numbers" when on the road far from home.

Maria said...

Oh, not wearing a helmet is a huge dealbreaker!
Basically anyone who can't swim 100 yards continuous is a dealbreaker, I hate swimming with someone who stops every 25 to rest. Either swim or head to the hot tub buddy.

Sherry said...

I'm SO with you on the the bike: I outright refuse to ride with someone who is not willing to wear a helmet. It's reckless. If they care that little about their life, then they probably don't care at all about the safety of those around them. The same goes for wearing an iPod in a group ride or on the open road. Every now and then I'll wear one when I ride alone on a closed course (wildlife preserve), but never, ever in a group or on an open road.

Nothing really bothers me with the swim or run. Hardly anyone uses our community pool and the only person I've ever had to share a lane with is my husband (maybe twice??). Same goes for the run. Usually the only person I ever do a run with is Scott. I think I would enjoy doing LSD runs with other people, but it's so difficult to find that perfect "pace" match. When I was in the military, we used to run in formation to cadence. I actually liked that a lot, but then we were all sort of "forced" to run at the same pace.

Meera said...

Smelling others has got to take the cake! Good for you for knowing what you can (ro cannot) deal with. I wonder if writing your name with a marker on the swim stuff will dissuade people from taking it?