Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ho Hum

Nothing exciting going on around here…nope, no siree.  Just lots and lots of training.  It’s scary and exhilarating all at once to be starting to build up the volume again.  And especially in the same time frame as things got exciting last year. 

Friday I had my longest run since it was considered a short run during my Ironman taper.  In case you’re new around here, I love love LOVE long run days!  There is something about them that makes me extra happy.  10 miles came and went pretty smoothly and I was straight to the ice bath with my chocolate milk from there.

On Saturday, the beardies and I dashed up to an agility trial in Petaluma, where Max made his full return to the ring after taking some time off for his injury.  He was spunky and happy and perfect! Literally, perfect, as he nailed another double-Q with two clean runs!

I swam at Lake Del Valle for the first time since my very first open water swim.  This time, with a watch and my Garmin 310XT, I learned that there IS in fact a good current in the lake (last time I just figured I was a bad swimmer) – it took me 25 minutes to swim up the lake and only 20 minutes to come back down.

Photo stolen from the interwebs – I was too busy swimming!

And today, it was long ride time, with the longest training ride I’ve done since last year (other than the sufferfest we called a bike ride at camp in May).  Since I was focused on doing some hard intervals today, I let Jeff use the camera to document events (for a long time on this ride, I was riding alone as others had some mechanical issues).

002 I can’t tell you I saw much on the ride today other than trees (and my Powertap computer as I tried to hold various wattages) so this sums it up well!

007 I don’t think I’m providing Philippe with much to draft off of.

010 At a water stop in Woodside with Meaghan

012 Nigel and Meaghan

014 Self-portrait of the photographer (we’re in the background wondering what he is doing?)

015 Pink was the color of the day.  Jen Harrison would be proud.

018 Meaghan’s dad and regular riding buddy, George

I had a run before and another run after my ride, so it’s a good thing my 2nd run ended at the brewpub where I was meeting Jeff and Nigel.  1 water, 1 root beer, 1/2 a pizza, and some ahi poke later, I was able to move again and go home. 

It’s good to have a big week in the books!  Time to rest up before the next one begins tomorrow.  I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Maggs said...

Ha. I'm laughing at you not seeing much except the powertap computer. I felt the exact same way yesterday. Fortunately it was on a ride I do all the time so I know what the scenery is like.

And my only run of the day is going to end up at a brewpub! I can't wait.

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA!!! I was just reading your blog and thought, "LOVE THE PINK" and then you called me out. crack me up. i was trying to wrap my head around LONG SLEEVES since we are living in a sauna (no complaints here!) this summer in Chicago!! :) GLAD YOU HAD a great long run and ride and all that other good training stuff! :))

jennabul said...

Great day. Love the pink arm warmers. I had them on too (well not the pink ones) at the beginning of my ride as well. Glad you got some quality riding and running in today. It was a beautiful day to be outside. And yay for Maxie being all better.

San said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time this weekend. I wish you a great new week too.

Cheers from the other side of the planet.

Wes said...

agree with Jen... long sleeves? really? Jealous!!

GoBigGreen said...

I kinda feel bad for you all that summer isnt there yet. Then again i kinda dont feel bad bc in my winter you will still be wearing that same outfit and the pink arm warmers while i will be wearing that inside, on my trainer:)
Good for you doing the RD job. Lotsa work but i hope its rewarding!

Sherry said...

Great pics... looks like you have a good crew there. I just can't comprehend the arm warmers-- you know I am totally jealous, right? I must come visit!