Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Northwest Bearded Collie Club Regional Specialty

Things have been quiet around here, but the boys and I recently went on an epic roadtrip to the Pacific Northwest. Over 2 days, with a stop in Medford, Oregon, we drove 850 miles and were very happy to be out of the car at the end!

Upon our arrival in Auburn, Washington, the dogs were thrilled to learn they’d be sharing a hotel room with their sisters.


They quickly fell into a pattern of alternating group cuddles with each retiring to their own space in the room.


The show day was busy from start to finish. We barely had time to think before it was over.

One of our highlights of the day was seeing Max’s older sister Gracie, who is nearly SIXTEEN years old (!!!) show her little heart out in Veterans


Stan’s mom Maude showed herself off in Veterans as well


The Chauncey kids in attendance – from l-r, Jazz (8 yo), Cricket (8yo), Maude (7yo), Gracie (16yo), and Max (8yo). Jazz, Cricket and Max are all littermates.


The Maude kids in attendance – from l-r, Stanley (3yo), Beatrix (3yo), and Fergie (2yo).


The beardies4 did everything together!


They were especially happy after the show when they could get dirty.


The Northwest club puts on an AMAZING party and we laughed ourselves silly at the dinner to celebrate the day.

Happy faces brought to you by…




As always, specialties are mostly about seeing everyone’s wonderful dogs and visiting with good friends!



The next 2 days after the show were all about agility! Max wasn’t quite ready to run yet but Stanley had fun tearing it up on the course.


From there, it was an exhausting 12.5 hour drive home all night on Sunday. I was so happy to be back though! I did fall in love with Washington – it goes on the short list for our future acreage-in-the-boonies.

I was a horrible athlete on this trip though and barely managed 1 long ride, with little else. Since getting back though, I’ve been right on track so that’s something. Just in time for rest/race week. I’m glad we have another 2 months before the next road trip for a major dog event! Thank you, Northwest Bearded Collie Club, for making our trip so much fun!


Maggs said...

One of my favorite beers!

Kathleen said...

Great pics!
Those dogs are fantastic. I can only imagine how much fun it is with all of them.

ADC said...

Great pics. I think your dogs are soooo adorable.

Charisa said...

Ahhhh they are so beautiful! :)

heather said...

She looks amazing for 16.

Maria said...

Glad it was fun for people and dogs!