Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching Up

  • I’ve been cracking up reading everyone’s New Year blog posts and it seems like the vast majority start with “I don’t really do new years resolutions.”  Well, me either.  This must be something inherent about us as triathletes.  We spend all year trying to improve ourselves and by the time New Years has come around, we’ve already got goals that we are dedicated to for the next year!
  • On our last full day in Arizona (December 30th), it snowed (click photo to enlarge).  OK, so it didn’t stick and it only snowed for 5 minutes, but it’s something.  It was very cold (by Arizona standards) our last couple days there.  That meant my last ride and run were CHILLY, especially since you don’t tend to pack the needed cold weather workout gear when you go to the desert.  Layers.  I was a big fan of layers.


  • At 3am on the 31st, the beardies and I hit the road for home.  We got back to San Jose a little after noon, unloaded the car, saw my parents for a quick New Years dinner, and slept like bricks.  Except when the assholes tried to blow the neighborhood up around midnight, of course – then I had one dog shaking on my feet and one sitting on my head for an hour.
  • I went to one of the free New Years yoga classes at our studio.  I got high in class off my yoga mat. Seriously.  Jeff bought me a new yoga mat for Christmas and I bought a new mat towel to go with it.  I used them fresh out of the packaging so they hadn’t exactly aired out yet and WOOEEEE there were some good chemical fumes in my face for that hour and a half.
  • I got a full weekend of rain at home to get used to normal Northern California winter again.  As long as they still get to run on the field on the dark mornings, the dogs don’t care.


  • Of course now it’s sunny with all sun on the forecast horizon.  Still cold though…35 as I dashed across the pool deck to dive in at masters this morning!
  • Training has been going well!  The volume is getting up there again and I’m getting some tough workouts, but my body is handling it nicely.  Speaking of which…
  • I got an awesome care package from Recovery e21 and I now have samples available for those who were interested.  I’ve already mailed some out to those I remembered wanting some but if I missed you just send me a message!


San said...

Happy new year.

Ah, yes on NYE I thought of you and your dogs with all the fireworks.

And nothing better than some nice chemical high from a yoga mat, very relaxing eh? I think this brings you to Nirvana a whole lot faster then normal yoga. ;-)


GoBigGreen said...

I would love to be your masters sample and let you know what I think! No joint pain but plenty of softtissue soreness!
What is it with fireworks? Wait till july 4.. Then again maybe it's Like an EQ.. Let off some steam
so July 4 isn't as loud.

Kim said...

ohh ohh im interested in recovery e21.

omg i cant believe it snowed in AZ!

i hope to see you in 2011 :) tempe per chance? are you racing? i cant remember?

Erin said...

Okay, I want to try this stuff to see why everyone is so obsessed with it. If you have some samples left, count me in.

ADC said...

The doggies look cute even when they are wet.

mpartyka said...

OMG.. too funny about the yoga mat - I know exactly what you are describing!

I'm so impressed by your Tri training. This gal doesn't like to put her face in water so the Ultra was my tri. That said, I did overcome my fear of water a few years ago and trained for a few months with a goal of swimming one mile without stopping. I did it and haven't been in the water since! HA

My 2011 goals... enjoy the year, no pressure, pay it forward and just 'do better'.

Have a great week!