Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello March!

Since today is a rest day for me after the race, I can sum up my February numbers!  Short month, extra rest = not quite matching January but still some great work was done.

Swim: 22,200 yards (12.6 miles)

Bike: 203.4 miles

Run: 68.1 miles

Strength: 3.25 hrs

March is going to be an awesome month!!!!  I have a lot of big bike focus ahead and with any luck it will NOT rain every day like the last few weeks so I can do some of it outside.


San said...

Impressive numbers. (I wonder how many yards I swam yesterday. Maybe 1000?!) Cross my fingers for a lot outside rides.

Robert McNamara said...

Nice work! I'm actually looking forward to this month to see some big numbers between the extra days and the extra workouts per week starting mid-month.

beardies3 said...

Well done, Molly! Impressive. And kudos on your race too!

Anonymous said...

Nice job back at ya! I'm betting there's a lot of intensity behind those big volume numbers of yours, esp if you're working with a power meter. Good stuff.

Wes said...

it's beautiful here today. I'm looking forward to some nice weather!