Friday, February 11, 2011

Working For the Weekend

Thank goodness it’s finally here!

I don’t talk about work much but I had an interesting work week.  I had a kickoff meeting Wednesday for a project that got dumped on me when we set our goals for the year.  I’ll admit it was not something I was particularly excited about…until this meeting.  My collaborators were so eager and enthusiastic about the project that it was contagious!  Ah, what a pleasant change to hold a meeting where people actually wanted to do some work and contribute instead of bitch about being stuck being involved.  This will probably end up being one of my more fun projects this year just because I get to interact with such a nice team.  It’s a good reminder of what a difference the people make in any venture! 

I’ve got a long ride and long run on the schedule to wrap up this training block and I can’t wait to get on them!  Due to work meetings, I was only able to fit in one workout this morning (masters swim) so I ran at lunch today on everyone’s favorite local multiuse trail.  I would have brought my camera to photograph how AMAZING it was out, but I feared my frozen Midwestern friends would send a hit man in retaliation.  Let’s just say I had to apply sunblock and I was borderline overheated in my short-sleeved technical top and shorts.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


D said...

Don't feel guilty about your beautiful weather! We choose to live in this frozen wasteland! Next time, bring the camera!

Running and living said...

Ah, so nice to have productive meetings. I sweat 1/2 of mine are a waste of time. And enjoy the weather!!!

D said...

Those of us who are friends with you on facebook just laughed hysterically when you said you don't talk about work much.

And I dunno how I feel about another D commenting on your blog. Just sayin.

Doreen said...

Molly, just finally found your blog!
I love your writing!
Jealous about the bike ride :-)
Can't tell ya how many hours I've spent on the trainer this winter.
I added you to my blog roll so I can visit often!

Doreen said...

Molly- just finally thought to see if you had a blog...and to my pleasant surprise you do!
Add you to my blog roll so I can visit often...
I must say I'm jealous of your ride yesterday :-)