Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Like a Rockstar

I woke up feeling fresh as could be Saturday morning, after my night of sushi and blushing geishas.  I had a wonderful long run on the Scottsdale greenbelt.  I figured it was safer and less likely to incur the wrath of midwesterners if I didn’t run with my camera to show the beauty of the desert at sunrise. 

Then I spent the day at my first ever golf tournament.  Um, there’s nowhere to sit down (unless you want to spend $500).  Walk, watch, walk, watch, walk some more.  I did eat the best steak burrito I’ve ever had, but by the end my feet hurt!  Popped home for an afternoon nap and then back to the golf course Saturday night for the concert at the Bird’s Nest, where I danced my ass off for several hours (all while sipping a bottle of water because (a) it’s the desert and (b) I was thinking ahead to my Sunday workout).

The Bird’s Nest scene is an over-21 combination of good music and mostly-intoxicated people who’ve been out in the sun half the day.  Fun times, if you can avoid the worst of the drunks.  Sometimes frustrating if you are 5’ tall and getting knocked around by every person walking by. 

The VIP area included all-you-can-eat food catered by a local sushi place and all-you-can-drink beverages (Jeff put this feature to good use).


Rather than stay in the small VIP stage area, we waded in with the masses to get closer.

First thing I saw was the police swarm and arrest someone who’d started a fight.  Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


I wish I’d gotten a photo of this couple from the front.  Think Brett-Michaels-wannabe (complete with sunglasses on, in a tent, at night) and his ho.



Finally the headliner for the evening, Metalhead, came on.  Metalhead is a local Scottsdale band who cover 80s hair band songs.  If you grew up in the 80s, you’d love their show.


Sunday we were up in the dark to pack up and fly home, where I had a big brick workout waiting for me.  I managed to find a reasonable pre-workout meal at the airport, going with a banana and 1/2 a blueberry muffin from Starbucks.  My T1 time (from airplane arrival to bicycle) was about an hour and then I had ~2.5 hours of good work to do.  And I NAILED IT! Coach even said she’d have to mail me more nails.  Now *that* is a good feeling.

FYI: Dorian Gray is NOT a movie you want to watch on the trainer.  Or possibly watch ever.  I fast-forwarded through the last 1/2 hour just to end the suffering.  I want my eyeballs cleansed and my innocence back. *shudder*


Anonymous said...

i don't appreciate being called a 'ho' on your blog... but i am glad you got a good pic of my new tattoo and extensions. :) hehe! congrats on nailing your wko.

GoBigGreen said...

Super weekend Molly! I know watching Golf is so hard, Its much harder than tennis where your neck gets a wko but you dont have to walk and stand as much.

I started taking the recovery e 21 tabs today. Hopefully not too little too late:) Maybe it will help my testing tmmrw.

Congrats on the bike wko!

Anonymous said...

love 80s bands...looks like you had a blast. And congrats on the workout!

My Life said...

Love that you took a picture of all the "sights." :) And cute new splish suit!

Jeff Teale said...

Ha!! 'Brett Michaels and his HO' made me laugh! Great pics!