Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scenes From Above

While landing in San Jose on Sunday (for the gazillionth time in my life), I remembered I had a camera!  The flight path for SJC goes right over the area we predominantly cycle in so I captured a few shots from above.

Uvas Reservoir.  One of our local triathlons starts here with a swim around that island-like peninsula on the left side.  Pacific Ocean in the background.


Chesbro Reservoir just up the road from Uvas.  IMG_0620

And Calero Reservoir up the road from that.  I pass this one on more than half of my rides.


Coming in to the more urban south end of Silicon Valley


I can see my house from here.  Really.


Go Sharks!


Now…does anyone have any questions about why I don’t have a lot of options for flat outdoor cycling routes? :-)


Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! No, No questions here. AMAZING. LUCKY DOG! :)

Anonymous said...

Uvas reservoir is great... I did Morgan Hill sprint last year and loved it. It's so pretty out there! Hey, I just decided to do the South Bay duathlon 3/14 in Morgan Hill if you wanna do it with me :-)

My Life said...

Love the view! Super lucky to have those hills!

jennabul said...

I do the exact same thing when I fly in...only I don't usually have my camera at the ready. I love the green hills this time of year....

Charisa said...

Oh - the area you ride in is beautiful!!

Bob Mitera said...

Pat Foley (Blackhawks announcer) calls the Sharks the "SSSHarks!!" - like he is swimming and just saw one. Hey... the BHawks aren't going to make the playoffs this year (I'm down - but still watching them). Got room on the Sharks bandwagon?