Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Makes It Fun?

Let’s face it, when you put in hours and hours of endurance training every week, you have to have things that make it fun or you would lose your motivation quickly.  The teasing and jokes at masters between sets, the group rides with friends, the burn in your lungs running hard.

For me, biking took a long time to love.  Essentially I’ve been on improperly sized and fitted bikes for all of my time biking - 4+ years – until last month.  I will tell you, it’s NOT fun to always be dropped from the ride as you struggle to keep up.  So how did I learn to love the bike?  By appreciating the scenery and all the hidden gems I discover in “my own backyard” ie the area I grew up in and have lived in, on and off, for over 30 years.

Just today I found this zero-traffic, beautifully paved little side road in Palo Alto that avoids a big busy hill


Rolling through Arastradero Preserve outside Palo Alto


In the redwoods of Portola Valley


Seriously, how can you beat this?


Now, my biking has come a long way and I’ve learned other things to love – the thrill of going fast, the moments of keeping up with, and occasionally wearing down, the guys, the trust that my legs will deliver when I ask even though they are tired. 

But I’ll always appreciate the view along the way.


Jennifer said...

Great post! I think we are all on a constant search for how to keep it fun. Your post reminds me that sometimes it's the little things that count!

Aimee said...

Love your viewpoint and attitude about the bike in this post!!
That ride looks so beautiful!

sallyaston said...

Beautiful scenery! I think I would fall in love with cycling there too! I'd have to say the beautiful desert sunrises are what get me out the door each day, and I also look forward to any group training because I mostly train on my own. Keep up the awesome training! :-)

EatRantRun said...

I am so with you on this one. I love the views. And, your ride looks gorgeous; hopefully you'll share the route with me.

beardies3 said...

Awesome views. And fun to ride with Jeff and friends on your new wheels.

melissa said...

One of my favorite areas to ride! Sorry that you've been ill fitted for so long.

Meera said...

Lovely route! I miss biking in CA. And how far you have come is an inspiration for me!

Anonymous said...

Exactly...scenery, well fitting bike, cute clothes. I never thought I would love intensity work but I really crave it now. I'm thinking some cycling hill sets this summer.

Unknown said...

i love that. it is fun, and what a beautiful ride.

Alili said...

Beautiful ride and a great attitude!