Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instagram Life

One day at the pool last week.  It was much cloudier today.  For which I was grateful for the dash of cold air on my face as I just about hurled doing the 400 IM.
 Max's belated birthday lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery.  He's just a happy guy anytime we go out.
 Stanley the table shark hoping I would drop some food.
 The "alpha male" of the flock of peacocks that live near our friend was trying to impress me.
Walking dogs on one of the local creek trails (I'll be racing on this path twice this year)
Waiting for Stormageddon.  While it rained a little in the morning, it was clear again this afternoon.  All my friends around the Bay Area said they'd had downpours all day!
Still not raining at 5pm so we might as well run the dogs over at the high school!
 You can't see the mountains for all the big clouds rolling over, so maybe the rain is finally coming?
 Stanley flirting with an IG
Now it's nearly 7:30 and...still no rain!!!!!  So far this storm is sure a bust as far as my neighborhood is concerned!


Elayne said...

400 IM??!! I don't think I've ever had a masters coach that sadistic. There would be mutiny from the triathletes if a coach ever tried that.

Meera said...

I wish I could take my boys to restaurants! I like the Instagram update :)

elizabeth said...

The pics are beautiful! I sure hope the storms a bust in LA this weekend too!

San said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Beautiful and hilarious (Stan the table shark) pictures. Congrats on your first race.

Yep, swim technique training went very well. Sore arm muscles lasted until yesterday! We started with correcting my breast stroke. Most importantly we fixed my breathing pattern. Before I always swallowed half the pool, because I breathed whenever I felt like it. Not anymore. Next time we work on my gliding and my leg movements, since my right leg is currently having a life of its own. ;-)

Have a great week.

Bob Mitera said...

We did a 500 IM yesterday (after shipping code from 10pm to 2:45am). The "extra" 25 was like swimming with an anvil - but I may just be real tired. The folks I'm swimming with (and running with) are now saying my dad's old line 'Avg is failing'

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