Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday

I always have these random revelations about training during training.  Then I promptly forget them when I am done.  Today I had an hour ride followed by my long run of the week.  My legs took a little while to warm up on the run and then...I just kind of floated along.  Not that it wasn't work but I didn't look at pace or think about it too hard and the run just flew by.  And I was disappointed it was over when it ended because I could have gone longer happily.  I get stupid happy on my long run endorphins.

Anyway, I *think* what I was pondering during my run was how each year we find new ways to push me to my limits, juuuust to the edge, and then rest up for another round of more.  That's how you get faster, right? The rest just as much as the pushing.  I spent most of this week doing shorter easier workouts, which after Sunday's race was a nice way to ease into the week.  Because let's face it, it's NOT a bright idea to take a 48 hour coast-to-coast roundtrip right before a race and even though I managed it I know I have still been paying for it.  The bigger work started again today and while I am still a bit tired from the week I've been having (taking care of Jeff after his knee surgery, managing the dogs and household stuff on my own) it was nice to see that I could still get the work done properly.  Next weekend I get to go for a long ride (two of them actually) on Saturday and then run a half-marathon completely untapered on Sunday.  It's a training race, not a race-race, clearly and I'm not expecting ANY kind of PR but it'll be fun to see how my body responds to the challenge!

As for this weekend, I'm super excited because I finally get to ride the mountain that I blogged about 4 whole years ago!  The weather is supposed to be perfect and I. Can't. Wait!


Steve said...

I have never run a full out half marathon. It was always a training race. 10 miles at marathon pace, and kick the rest. They are still fun. I am not sure if I trained for a half mary I wouldn't run it the same way anyway.

Have a fun weekend. :)

elizabeth said...

I always have revelations about training or life or whatever during training, then completely forget them when I'm done. Have fun climbing YOUR mountain!!

donna said...

Looking forward to hear how your HM went Molly.