Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Nose Knows

A quick update on how nosework is going for the boys.  We've moved from searching for food to teaching them to search for the first of the competition odors, birch.  Now we hide a small vented container with a q-tip dipped in birch essential oil in the midst of boxes and other objects, along with a tiny bit of food, and they have to find it.

Stanley LOVES nosework and is progressing well!

Max is getting more confident about knocking the boxes aside and going for the hide!

And Puck...Puck is like a bull in a china shop but he's doing quite well for puppy.  This is just a short (fuzzy - sorry) clip where his hide was in the top of the music stand and he kept knocking and spinning the stand with his body and then getting confused because the trail he was following moved!


Maggs said...

awesome. I can't wait to take Springer and Jack to the class they have here. It's only 1 day, but I think it will be fun. Though I'm a little worried that Jack will wreak havoc like he always does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the videos! They're so CUTE!! And Puck is growing so fast, goodness!

Madeleine G. said...

Ok, Puck is BEYOND awesome. Cooper's favorite nosework trick is to walk on the target, oblivious, and then frantically start sniffing for it. Is it a puppy thing?!