Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite Things, 2012

I'm long overdue for a favorite things post and this seems as good a time as any to list all the stuff that got me where I needed to go in training and racing this year.

The Swim
Googles: Sable Optics.  I love these tinted goggles.  I really love that they don't get all fogged up on me when racing!
Swimsuits: Splish.  Cutest suits around and I need that motivation to swim.  Especially love my Betty Designs bikini.
Wetsuit: Blueseventy Axis.  When I bought this last year, I finally learned how wetsuits are supposed to fit and how hard they are to put on.  It's so good, I had it repaired after I tore a huge gash in it.  My only way-off-PR swim of the year (SVLC) was the awful suit I bought to use while this one was being repaired.

The Bike
Frame: Specialized Transition Pro
Power meter: Quarq SRAM S975.  Bought this thing in July and LOVE it. In particular the compact crank with all the hills I've been riding!
Training Helmet: Specialized
Racing Helmet: Rudy Project Wingspan.  The only aero helmet I've ever tried and I frequently have to double check that I'm wearing one during a race because it's so light!
Shoes: Specialized Trivent Expert.  Unfortunately, due to IMC, they smell like it does underneath a San Francisco overpass right now.
Nutrition: Clif Shot Blocks. I took one block every 10 minutes for all of my long rides and in races.  There are enough flavors to mix it up and keep it interesting so I never got sick of them.  My dentist might hate them though!
Sports Drink: Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix. Using this stuff all year I experienced none of the bloating and upset stomach I've had in past years on the bike. I only wish I could have used it through all of the IMC bike course instead of just until I ran out!
Salt Tabs: Salt Stick caps
Race wheels:  Gabe hooked us up with fabulous wheels through a local tri shop and I loved them!

The Run
Training Shoes: Asics GT-2170.  My standard training shoes for a number of years now.  Why mess with what works?
Racing Shoes: Asics DS Racer.  I raced in these for the first time this year.  Super light!
Training Nutrition: Gu Gels in jet blackberry.  Repeat to self over and over, it's the jelly from a jelly donut.
Racing Nutrition: Gu Roctane Gels in blueberry pomegranate.  Repeat to self over and over, at least it's not that bloody jet blackberry again!
Salt Tabs: Salt Stick caps

Drink: Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk.  Because boxed chocolate milk can sit in my car all day and still be OK. *tries not to think too hard about what that means about the "milk"*
Compression Socks:  How can you beat all the cute colors?
Compression Tights: Zoot Active CompressRx tights. They squeeze me in all the right places.

Training Supplement: Extreme Endurance.  EE went a long way to keeping me from being super sore.
Joint Supplement: Extreme Joint 4. I don't like creaky cranky joints.
Vitamin: Extreme Immune Boost. I didn't get sick once this year, that has to count for something.
Food: Lots and lots of real unprocessed food, mostly from Whole Foods, mostly gluten free all year.
Pre and post workout snack: Picky Bars. I joined the Picky Club this year and I love it.  These bars are awesome!

Personal Care
Chafing Prevention: Aquaphor. Copious amounts of Aquaphor on every chafeable body part kept me free of irritation though many miles of training and racing!
Saddle Sore Prevention: Exfoliate! I also highly recommend use of salicylic acid wipes (like Clearasil Pads).

Coaching: Multisport Mastery. My coach is the bomb. 2 weeks of post-Ironman solo recovery and I miss her already.
Training Log and Data Analysis: TrainingPeaks.  When I started out running and then doing triathlon, I tried all sorts of training logs. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - beats TrainingPeaks for the best designed, most easily accessible site for logging, tracking and analyzing your training.  Don't miss out, use discount code TPA14 for 15% off a premium account!

On the bike trainer this year, I watched - 3 seasons of Justified, 3.5 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, 2 seasons of The Walking Dead, 1 season of American Horror Story, 0.5 season of Sanctuary, and 2 episodes of Breaking Bad.  Add in all the Facebook, Twitter, and Words with Friends time and I'd say my iPhone is the best thing I ever bought, hands down.


Maggs said...

I thought this was a good post until i got to your shower routine and then I thought... Now I know too much about Molly.

Karen said...

I am with you on the skratch labs - love it!

Katie said...

Favorite new blog friend: Katie