Monday, September 3, 2012

Iron Aftermath

In the days following the race, the focus was very much on all things NOT triathlon.

We took the dogs down to Okanagan Lake for a swim (I figured this would be a good chance to ice my legs too).  photos by Yvonne Mulcaster

My old man Max loves his role as fun police

Oh Puck...

Stanley's best Ogopogo imitation

A couple days post-race, we started our drive home, first with a ~5 hour trip to Vancouver.

It rained as we left Okanagan Lake

Once in Vancouver, we stayed at a fabulous dog-friendly hotel on Granville Island.  The boys appreciated their welcome cookies.  Once they were allowed to eat them, that is.

Not a bad view from our balcony

You humans sure work a lot.

Scenes around the island at dawn

While Jeff was doing some business meetings, the boys and I met up with Deirdre for a little hike!

And then finally, we headed for home, driving all night to make it back to California by late morning.  2 days of work and then we got to enjoy the holiday weekend.  It wasn't all relaxing though, since Stanley and I spent all 3 days at an agility trial about 100 miles away.

Clean and ready to go

Surprise visit with his litter sister McKenzie!

After roughly 8 months of not trialing, Stan finished his Open Standard title with a first place!

Reward: ice cream!

Oh and I might have had a drink or two in there...

Unfortunately all this "eat all the things" must come to an end...time to stop eating like an asshole and get back to kale salad.  It may be the off-season but I don't need to gain 10 pounds either.  I've got 2 months off from coaching and I plan to stay as active as I can and try some new things along the way before we get back to work on November 1st!


Unknown said...

Love all the pics!! Looks like it was a great trip with a little IM thrown in!!

Melissa said...

Love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Yay Stanley! What a fun trip! I always have to watch my eating (& drinking) during off-season, it's amazing how quickly it adds up! :)

Beth said...

Dockside! Hope you enjoyed my city!

Beth said...
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Meera said...

There is a lot of ground covered in this post, but I'll comment on the one important thing - Beardies have the best ponytails. Hands down. :)

Kristina said...

Love that you travel so much with your dogs. We do a good amount of road trips with our dogs sharing the back seat of the car.

adena said...

LOVE the dog pics! Catching up on blogs.. nice job on IMC and oh nice dogs.. :-)